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A Grade Match Reviews

Hatherleigh 56 def Nangwarry 40
Nangwarry started off firing, scoring the first 3 goals. After that the quarter went goal for goal, with Hatherleigh struggling to get the ball through the mid court. Cassie Dinnison and Kayla Gray making the Hatherleigh goalies work hard for each possession. Hatherleigh started the second quarter strongly, breaking the first pass and scoring the first 3 goals for the quarter. Great work in the Goal circle by Keston Green and Kelsey Bromley being the key. Nangwarry’s Goal Shooter Nicole Bizsko shot accurately. Hatherleigh defenders Georgina Brooks and Kaitlin Smith stepped up the pressure in the third, dominating the rebounds. An injury to Chloe McDiarmid in the third brought on Tammy Smith into goals with Nicole Reeves moving out to WA. Nangwarry threw away chances in attack with Brooks and Smith picking off any loose balls. Bromley and Green swapped in the last and the transition into the circle worked better. Hatherleigh running away winners by 16.

Kalangadoo 70 def Glencoe 56
When Kalangadoo and Glencoe lined up for the first match of the round, both teams had some new faces in their line ups. Ebony McDiarmid and Kelly Aubert hit the court at GS and GA respectively for Glencoe, with Sarah Kasparian playing at the other end of the court in the GK position. Both side had juniors in Mikaila Pitt (K’doo) and Laura Edwards (Glencoe) represent, and they certainly proved their ability at the top level.
Glencoe hit the lead early, scoring the first three goals of the game and they looked confident and comfortable shooting long range shots. Kalangadoo took a while to settle, but converted well scoring 19 from 20 attempts in the first quarter and went into the first break with a 3 goal lead. The second quarter started in similar fashion to the first, with Kalangadoo making an uncharacteristic turnover to start the quarter. However, the defensive pressure lifted and Kalangadoo scored some quick goals. Caroline Davey stepped up and scored 16 goals for the quarter through some nice feeds from Jenna Pitt and Jayde peacock, whilst ebony McDiarmid scored 10 goals for Glencoe. Rebecca Wilson (WD) continued to play tight checking defence and made Jenna Pitt work hard for every possession; however Kalangadoo managed to stretch their lead out to 11 goals by half time, with Melissa Russell shooting at 100% accuracy for the first half.
The third quarter was an even affair and Glencoe seemed to get the better of Kalangadoo at times, fighting back to be within 5 goals halfway through the quarter. Donna Jaeschke and Sarah Kasparian were causing some headaches for the Kalangadoo attack. Rebounds continued to be hard to come by with just three Kalangadoo misses for the quarter. Amanda Casey read the ball well at the other end of the court and together with Leah Ousey managed to get a number of turnovers, but the Glencoe pressure out of defence meant that the ball was often turned over again before Kalangadoo could capitalise.
Kalangadoo maintained their 11 goal lead going into the last quarter and ended up running out the game to win by a margin of 14. Glencoe showed good intensity for the match, however could not compete with the accuracy of the Kalangadoo goalies and the strength and smart play of Jayde Peacock through the centre.

Kongorong 43 def by Tantanoola 56
1st QUARTER  Both teams were eager to get a great start to the season but Tantanoola got the jump on Kongorong with Jacqui Matthews shooting 9 from 9 in the first quarter. New combinations in Kongorong’s attack line saw them turn centre passes in goals.
2nd QUARTER Tantanoola’s drive through the middle with Olivia Coote and Casey Arney saw them bring the ball down into their attack quickly which Jami Walker converted their work into goals. Kongorong made a change in their attack line switching Tabatha Sanderson into GS and Kaylah Earl to GA which gave Kongorong a tall target to pass to in the circle.
3rd QUARTER A few changes in the midcourt area for both teams gave them new combinations to work with. Both teams made simple mistakes which changed the momentum of the game. Tantanoola’s defence through Simone Little and Kate Versace got a few turnovers in the goal circle to give their team a lift.
4th QUARTER Kongorong’s defensive pressure in Tantanoola’s attack with Sam Allen, Tiia Pelkonen and Sarah Lucas saw Tantanoola’s goals kept to a minimum. Kongorong put in a solid last quarter and never gave up but Tantanoola was 13 goals up at the final whistle.

Port MacDonnell 45 def by Robe 56
In warm conditions Robe proved too strong against Port MacDonnell in the first game of the 2014 season beating them by 11 goals.
Both teams came out strong in the first quarter not allowing each other to dominate.
Port MacDonnell started with the first centre pass but with some great defence by Robe they turned the ball over and scored first through their tall goaling duo of Keeley Mason and Felicity Carter who was a great focal point for their side all game which they used to their advantage. Robe then scored their own centre pass to be up by 2. The bay then scored from their centre pass and the game continued going one for one for the majority of the quarter until the Bay caused an extra turnover and was up by 1 goal going into the first break.
The second quarter saw no changes to either team. Robe continued to score quite freely while the Demons had to work overtime to get the ball down court into their goal circle. Michelle Lewis and Ashley Heald for the Demons worked overtime to stop the high ball coming in and to their credit were able to get tips and create turnovers for their side but the tight defensive work by Robe turned the ball over before the Demons were able to get it into their attack. With quite a few silly errors by Port MacDonnell, Robe went into the half time break up by 4 goals.
The third quarter again was a close contest with everyone on court giving it their all. The battle between Emily Taylor for Port MacDonnell and Hayley Smart for Robe was one to watch as neither player would give an inch and both girls were supported well by their attack lines. Chloe Dawson for Robe worked hard all game intercepting many balls for her side and was backed up well by Hannah Perkins who together rebounded the majority of missed shots by the Bay shooters. Robe won this quarter by 1 goal and headed into the final break by 5 goals.
The warm conditions seemed to play a part in the final quarter with both teams feeling the heat.
Marie Lewis for the Bay worked tirelessly all game feeding her goalies well but with lack of possession created by the tenacious defensive pressure by Robe all over the court, allowed them to continue scoring frequently and finished off the game well with an eleven goal defeat.

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