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MSE-Netball-logo-RGBSubmitted by Tammy Auld

Round 3 – 12th April 2014

Hatherleigh 76 def Kongorong 25

The game began at fast pace, with quick ball movement up and down the court. The young mid court of Hatherleigh applied strong defensive pressure to force countless turnovers. With goalies finishing off to record a 22 to 5 score line at 1/4 time. Kongorong made a number of changes at the break with Sarah Lucas going to go GD and Kaylah Earl coming onto GK. Tiia Pelkonen came to the bench and was replaced by Sam Allen at WD. Hatherleigh continued to apply pressure across all lines while Kongorong used the height of their young  GS Tabatha Sampson to their advantage. Kongorong coach and GD Sarah Lucas called time and came off the court to be replaced by Pelknonen. Hatherleigh WD Erin Watson and Kongorong WA Courtney pink were having a tight tussle with both players attacking the ball strongly. Hatherleigh defenders again held Kongorong to 5 goals for the quarter with Kaitlin Smith at GD and Georgina Brooks at GK applying pressure and taking clean intercepts. The second half saw goalies from both teams swap positions while Hatherleigh made positional changes in the mid court. The swap of the Kongorong goalies making an immediate  impact with Ash Sturges coming into her own, the second half was a stronger one for Kongorong scoring 15. Hatherleigh continued to apply full court  pressure running out winners 76 to 25.

Port MacDonnell 48 def Tantanoola 41

In a game of two halves, Port MacDonnell secure their top 4 position by 7 goals. Tantanoola had the first centre pass but it was the Demons who scored first due to their tight defensive pressure and they continued scoring several more goals before the Tigers even got on the board. The defensive duo of Ash Heald and Michelle Lewis for the Bay, proved too strong and their dominance in the circle only allowed the Tigers to score 4 goals for the quarter. They were well backed up around the circle by Ady Nedshoda in her first hit out for the Demons A Grade side and Emily Taylor in Centre. The Demons went into the first break leading 13 – 4.
Tantanoola made a change in the second quarter with Casey Arney sidelined and Casey Walker coming from the bench into Centre. This seemed to lift the Tigers somewhat but it wasn’t enough to curb the influence of the Demons who continued moving the ball beautifully into their goalies Toni-Lee Gilmore and Tamara Ferguson who only missed one goal for the quarter. Marie Lewis was working overtime for her side and fed the ball beautifully into her goalies with some nice long passes. At the other end of the court the goaling partnership of Jacqui Matthews and Jami Walker were doing all they could also only missing one goal for the quarter but with lack of possession make it hard to continuing putting points on the board. The bay went into the half time break still leading 27-1.
In the third quarter Tantanoola came out firing. Once again Tantanoola made changes with Casey Arney back into Centre, Casey Walker into Wing Defence and Talana Knaggs to the bench. This seemed to unsettle the demons and they started to see errors come into their game. Simone Little at Goal Keeper for Tantanoola was creating many headaches for the Bay with her defensive pressure and she intercepted many balls in this quarter creating much needed procession for her side. The Tigers mid court pressure was also influencing the game and the Tigers outscored the Demons 14-11 to cut the margin down to 9.
Going into the final quarter, the Demons made a change and brought on experienced junior Maddy Murdoch into Wing Defence while the Tigers brought back on Knaggs at Wing Defence and Casey Walker moved to Wing Attack. With neither team willing to give an inch all players increased their intensity. An injury time to Gilmore enabled each team to refocus and both teams were doing all they could to give their own team procession. With only 5 minutes remaining in the game Marie Lewis for the Demons went down with a knee injury and had to leave the court.  It took several minutes for the Bay to settle back in and Tantanoola capitalised on this change. They outscored the Demons again in this quarter lessoning the margin to only 7 goals in the end.

Kalangadoo 68 def Nangwarry 47

Kalangadoo hit the court against Nangwarry with a new line-up, due to Leah Ousey and Caroline Davey being unavailable. Kylie Schultz earned her spot at GD and Rosie Collins played at WA, with Jenna Pitt filling the role of GA and Melissa Russell moving back to GS.
Nangwarry also had some new combinations with Cassie Dinnison running out the game at Centre, a change from playing circle defence for the first two weeks of the season. Kayla Gray and Karli McDiarmid played in defence.
Nangwarry scored the first goal of the game and it was goal for goal for the first few minutes until Kylie Schultz and Jayde Peacock made intercepts to allow Kalangadoo to start to set up an early lead. Nangwarry’s Nicole Bizsko was a focal point at GS and shot accurately, whilst at the other end Kalangadoo missed some early shots which were rebounded by Nangwarry. At quarter time, Kalangadoo held a 6 goal lead and looked strong and fast in their transition down court through the speed of Rosie Collins and Jayde Peacock.
Kalangadoo limited Nangwarry’s scoring opportunities in the second quarter, allowing them just 13 attempts with Kylie Schultz and Amanda Casey reading the ball well in defence. Despite this, the Nangwarry goalies continued to shoot accurately and scored 11 from 13 goals, with strong feeds from Cassie Dinnison and Teresa Stewart. The Kalangadoo defensive pressure all over the court meant that they had more opportunities at goal and were able to convert well to continue to stretch the lead out to 12 going into the second half.
At half-time Nangwarry made some changes, with Dani McKinnon replacing Chloe McDiarmid at WD and Karli McDiarmid was given the job on Melissa Russell, switching from GD back to GK. Karli managed to get her hands to a few more balls in the third and also rebounded strongly when there were any missed shots. Jenna Pitt ran hard at GA and was too fast for her opponent in Kalya Gray. Teresa Stewart continued to offer strongly at WA and fed her goalies with some precision passing, despite some close pressure from Kalangadoo junior, Jade Lythgo.
Going into the last quarter, Kalangadoo held a 19 goal lead and eventually ran out winners by 21 goals, with just a 2 goal margin in the last. It was the goal shooters for the respective sides that did most of the scoring in the last quarter and there were very few rebound opportunities. Some errors crept into the game as players fatigued, however this was Nangwarry’s best scoring quarter for the match where they added 14 goals to their tally.
Jayde Peacock and Cassie Dinnison both ran hard through centre for their teams and directed the play down court, and although Kalangadoo ended up with a solid win, there were some pleasing signs for Nangwarry and they will certainly be looking to push the top teams throughout the season.
Best players:
Kalangadoo: Jayde Peacock, Rosie Collins
Nangwarry: Kayla Gray, Nicole Bizsko

Mount Burr 57 def Robe 52

An even first quarter with both sides finishing off well for their teams, Mt Burr up by 2 at the break. Mt Burr 14 to Robe 12.
Mt Burr made a change at the start of the second bring on Sarah Puiatti at centre and Chloe Vanderhorst coming off, and Robe making no changes. Mt burr goalies Ebony Clark (GS) and Hayley Agnew (GA) continued with their consisted shooting. Mt Burr defence making Robe goalies Felicity Carter (GS) and Keely Mason (GA) work hard for every pass and Mt Burr Heidi Clark (GD) taking some timely intercepts. At the end of the second Mt Burr extended their lead by 2. Mt Burr 29 to Robe 25.
Both teams making changes at half time with Robe changes in defence with Hannah Perkins going out to GD, and Kimberley Austin coming on at GK, and Chloe Dawson going to C from GD, and Keely Venn coming off. Mt Burr Sarah Puiatti went to WA and Chloe Vanderhorst coming back on to centre, and Kate Nowak coming off at WA. Robe’s Kate Schubert (WA) did some strong driving into attack and she feed her goalies well. Once again from both teams goalies were performing well. A very even quarter with some great intercepts from both teams, turning ball over many times. Mt Burr 43 to Robe 40.
The final quarter Mt Burr Kate Nowak came back on at WA and once again Chloe coming off, and Sarah Puiatti going into Centre. Robe made no changes. Mt Burr Megan Thiele (GK) got on top of Felicity Carter Robe’s GS, keeping her to 1 goal for this quarter, but robes Keely Mason (GA) continued her strong shooting with 11 this quarter. Mt Burr’s middle court did some great feeding into the circle, for their goalies to finish off their great work.  A great game with Mt Burr taking the points. The final score Mt Burr 57 def Robe 52.



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