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MSENA Match Results


Round 4 – 26th April 2014

A Grade

Tantanoola 53 def by Kalangadoo 74
The Anzac clash between the tigers and the pies started at frantic pace with neither team giving an inch. Goalies at both ends were shooting with accuracy with 33 goals scored for the quarter. The Tantanoola duo of Simone Little and Kelsey Bromley were working overtime in defence enabling the tigers to take a 1 goal lead into the first break. The second was once again an even contest. Caroline Davey and Melissa Russell were taking the ball strongly in the circle, and converting truly, whilst at the other end Jami Walker and Jacqui Matthews were working overtime against some tight defence from Mikaila Pitt and Leah Ousey. Four goals separated the 2 teams at the main break. The third quarter saw Jade Peacock come into the game, although still a tight defensive struggle, Peacock steadied her team taking plenty of possessions and ensuring the safe delivery to her goalies who were starting to get on top of the defenders. The margin was out to 11 by three quarter time, the pies put their foot down in the last and blew out the margin in what had been a tough hard contest to 25.
Tantanoola: Jami Walker, Simone Little
Kalangadoo: Jade Lythgo, Caroline Davey

Nangwarry 60 def Mount Burr 41
Nangwarry started off controlling the play with their defences. Karli McDiarmid and Kayla Gray‘s defence caused Mt Burr to miss vital goals, Cassie Dinnison passed with pinpoint accuracy into her goalers, who finished off with confidence. Mt Burr made changes, Sarah Puiatti went to centre and Chloe Vanderhorst went to WD. Mt Burr started off confidently but again the Nangwarry defence line caused turnovers, Nangwarry shot with more accuracy, again the Mt Burr goalies were under pressure missing easy opportunities. Dinnison continued to control for Nangwarry and Hayley Agnew worked hard for Mt Burr 30-9. Nangwarry started the 3rd quarter with an eleven goal lead, both teams came out causing turnovers. Mt Burr had early opportunities but again Nangwarry’s pressure was too tight, Nicole Bisko shooting with confidence, Stewart and Dinnison dominated the centre area. 44-29. Bisko continued with accurate shooting, Nangwarry found a clearer passage into their goalies taking full advantage of the opportunities given. The Nangwarry defence continued to dominate, causing turnovers and they finished off playing with confidence all over the court finish off with a comfortable 19 goal victory.
Nangwarry: Karli McDiarmid, Teresa Stewart
Mt Burr: Chloe Vanderhorst, Ann Guyett

Kongorong 33 def by Port MacDonnell 69
1st Quarter After the ANZAC proceedings on the football oval before the game, both teams where ready to come out firing in the ANZAC spirit. Kongorong’s GS Tabatha Sanderson started strong shooting 9 goals from 10 attempts while at the other end Pt MacDonnell’s GS Toni-Lee Gilmore responded by shooting 12 goals from 17 attempts. 2nd Quarter Great defensive pressure in Kongorong’s goal circle by Pt MacDonnell’s Ash Heald and Kirby Carrison kept the pressure on the Kongorong girls. Kongorong’s Sam Allen and Courtney Pink drove down the court well and opened up the court in their attack. 3rd Quarter Kongorong had a lapse of concentration and let Pt MacDonnell’s midcourt and attack control the game. Pt MacDonnell’s Emily Taylor and Marie Lewis worked tirelessly all game getting the ball into their goal circle. Pt MacDonnell turned the ball over and capitalized on Kongorong’s simple mistakes. 4th Quarter Defensive pressure by Kongorong’s Tiia Pelkonen, Sarah Lucas and Kaylah Earl made the Pt MacDonnell goalies work for their goals. Pt MacDonnell’s Toni-Lee Gilmore had a great last quarter shooting 100% and getting her team over the line comfortably. Pt MacDonnell’s Marie Lewis took out the ‘Most valuable player’ on court and was presented her medal by Kongorong’s Life member and RSL representative Mel Tilley. Best players – Kongorong – Sam Allen and Courtney Pink. Pt MacDonnell – Marie Lewis and Kirby Carrison.
Kongorong: Samantha Allen, Courtney Pink
Port MacDonnell: Marie Lewis, Kirby Carrison

Robe 49 def Glencoe 45
A strong start by both teams saw an even contest for the first quarter. Both teams were scoring well and feeding the ball down court easily. Goal for goal at either end seemed to set the pace for this quarter. Second quarter saw Robe come out firing. Robe ‘s defender, Chloe Dawson, made her work look easy with clean and fast paced turnovers, which were fed fast and direct down court by WD Hannah Perkins.  GS Felicity Carter settling back into her A grade position well shooting at 100% for the quarter and taking her team to a 15 goal lead at half time. Glencoe came back at Robe in the 3rd outscoring them for the quarter by 4. Bec Wilson was impressive for Glencoe with numerous turn overs and  made WA for Robe Kate Schubert work for every possession. Unfortunately Robe’s scoring opportunities were missed and Glencoe defenders Sarah Kasparian and Donna Edwards soon made them pay, rebounding and then quick passes down to their GS Ebony McDiarmid who was sure to put it through the ring and make the score count. Last quarter saw both teams working hard for turnovers, however in the end Robe managed to just hold onto their lead by 4 to take the points.
Robe: Chloe Dawson, Kimberley McCarthy

A Reserve

Nangwarry  43 def Mt Burr 21
Nangwarry: Dani McKinnon, Simone MacDonald
Mt Burr:

Tantanoola 40 def by Kalangadoo 56
Tantanoola: Estella Serle, Kristy Rowe
Kalangadoo: Ebony Cunningham, Kara Martin

Kongorong 45 def by Port MacDonnell 72
Kongorong: Dana Glynn, Chloe Ashby
Port MacDonnell: Courtney Mansell, Tamara Perryman

Glencoe 50 def Robe 37
Glencoe: Sarah Lawler, Alyce Dent
Robe: Alison Nunan, Rose Perkins

B Grade

Nangwarry 48 def Mt Burr 24
Nangwarry: Kristy Neale, Demi Gray
Mt Burr: Katelyn Wilson, Simone Wells

Tantanoola 38 def Kalangadoo 20
Tantanoola: Morgen Lindner, Natalie Scott
Kalangadoo: Kathia Martin, Samantha Collins

Kongorong 33 def by Port MacDonnell 53

Kongorong: Jessica VonStanke, Tamika Mullan
Port MacDonnell: Narelle Lewis, Fiona Scott

Glencoe 40 def Robe 13
Glencoe: Sarah Frew, Bonnie Rothall
Robe: Alison Price, Teghan McMartin

B Reserve

Nangwarry 46 def Mt Burr 14
Nangwarry: Julie Hooper, Brittany Fullford
Mt Burr: Grace Carnellor, Tracey Watts

Tantanoola 51 def Kalangadoo 27
Tantanoola: Julie-Anne Cytrowski, Jodie Cushion

Kongorong 45 def by Port MacDonnell 46
Kongorong: Belinda Allen, Hannah Goodridge
Port MacDonnell: Megan Perryman, Sallyanne McBain

17 & Under

Tantanoola 3 def by Kalangadoo 89
Tantanoola: Alexandra Lucas, Che’ Dawe
Kalangadoo: Sarah Croser, Emma Greenfield

Kongorong 24 def by Port MacDonnell 72
Kongorong: Tayla Kilsby, Emma Shepherd
Port MacDonnell: Amie Walter, Amy Feast

Glencoe 31 def by Robe 40
Glencoe: Genna Geddes, Melanie Kuhl
Robe: Indi Deane, Demi Carter


Nangwarry 18 def by Mt Burr 46
Nangwarry: Tayla McKeon, Jasmine Disselbach
Mt Burr:

Tantanoola 35 def Kalangadoo 24
Tantanoola: Kaci Hale, Demi Milne
Kalangadoo: Emma Ryan, Lucy Williams

Kongorong 29 def by Port MacDonnell 56
Kongorong: Darcie Kuhl, Kelsey Long
Port MacDonnell: Tilah Buckingham, Maddilyn Ireland

Glencoe 22 def by Robe 50
Glencoe: Tayla Wilkinson, Lucy Edmonds
Robe: Kolby Gibbs, Maddie Nunan


Tantanoola 11 def by Kalangadoo 27
Tantanoola: Leah Kuiper, Emma Gould
Kalangadoo: Eliza Hunter, Shayla Jones

Kongorong 14 def by Port MacDonnell 27
Kongorong: Brittney Allen, Makenzie Robb
Port MacDonnell: Nikeisha Facey, Montanna Millard

Glencoe 4 def by Robe 44
Glencoe: Alarna Briggs, Chloe Pfitzner
Robe: Lucy Smith, Maya Keane



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