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MSENA A Grade Review


Submitted by Tammy Auld for MSENA

A Grade Match Review Round 5
Saturday 3rd May 2014

Mt Burr 51 def Tantanoola 37

Both teams started well with Mt Burr’s Hayley Agnew (GA) and Tantanoola Jami Walker (GA) shooting accurately. Mt Burr defenders Heidi Clark (GD) and Megan Thiele (GK) worked tirelessly to force Tantanoola to move the ball to gain possession with Megan Thiele limiting Tantanoola Jac Matthews (GS) to 2 goals.

In the second quarter Tantanoola made changes with Alex Lucas coming off the bench into GS and Casey Walker to WA, and Jac Matthews and Olivia Coote coming off. Mt Burr made no changes. Tantanoola changes did not stem the flow of Mt Burr fluent transition into attack. Mt Burr youngster Chloe Vanderhorst and Tantanoola Casey Arney had a great tight tussle at centre with both creating tight defensive pressure. Mt Burr Megan Thiele and Heidi Clark again applied immense pressure creating turnovers. Tantanoola Jami Walker (GA) made the most of every shooting opportunity, and once again shooting accurately. Mt Burr shooters Hayley Agnew shot without a miss and was well supported strongly by Ebony Clark (GS), which helped Mt Burr to a handy lead at half time.

Mt Burr made no changes. Tantanoola Jami Walker (GA) came off and Jac Matthews came back on in the GA position. Casey Arney (C) also came off and Talana Knaggs went into centre from WD, then Olivia Coote also came back on in the WD position. Mt Burr started strongly again moving the ball with ease into the goal circle. Tantanoola Kate Bromley (GD) continued to work hard to attempt to create turnovers with Mt Burr shooters Ebony Clark and Hayley Agnew continuing to share the shooting load. Mt Burr Heidi Clark (GD) was tenacious in defence creating numerous turnovers in the mid court. Mt Burr Ann Guyett (WD) was blocking drives and getting hands to balls. Mt Burr Megan Thiele also blocked many possible passes going into Tantanoola circle. Tantanoola Talana Knaggs at centre worked the ball down court to give Tantanoola opportunities to have the ball in their goal circle.

Still no changes for Mt Burr to started the final quarter. Tantanoola Jac Matthews went back into GS and Jami walker came back on into the GA position, also Casey Arney came back on at GD with Kate Bromley going back to GK, and Simone Little taking the bench along with Alex Lucas. Mt Burr continued to control the ball creating opportunities for their goalies Hayley Agnew and Ebony Clark, with Ebony Clark (GS) dominating the scoring. Tantanoola created mid court pressure and creating many turnovers but were unable to continuously capitalize on them. Mt Burr Heidi Clark (GD) and Megan Thiele (GK) were again defensively strong; however Tantanoola Jami Walker (GA) came back into the game to dominate Tantanoola’s shooting. Unfortunately Mt Burr defence limited Tantanoola opportunities to receive the ball clearly in the circle. Mt Burr ran out winners.

Glencoe 60 def Nangwarry 49

In smoky conditions, Glencoe scored its first win of the season against Nangwarry. Glencoe started the game strongly taking early interceptions to create an early lead. Circle defenders Sarah Kasparian and Donna Jaeschke applied tough defensive pressure in the goal circle to create a number of opportunities for their side. An injury to Karli McDiarmid saw her leave the court early in the quarter and Cassie Dinnison fill the void in Goal Defence. Glencoe Goal Shooter Ebony McDiarmid was the focal point in the Glencoe goal circle and dominated the first quarter with strong holds and accurate shooting. Glencoe took a five goal lead into the first break.

Nangwarry came out firing after the break and managed to score the first three goals of the quarter before Glencoe recovered and were able to score the next four goals of their own. The quarter was an even one. Nicole Biszko was moving well in the Nangwarry goal circle, working well with her feeders to create a solid shooting position and finished with accuracy. Down the other end, Kayla Gray and Karli McDiarmid made the most of some missed shots from Glencoe by rebounding strongly to send the ball back into attack. The deficit however remained at five at half time.

Glencoe really took the ascendency in the third quarter, piling on 17 for the term. Sisters Ashlea and Laura Edwards drove extremely strongly through the mid court and made sure of possession for their side while also both creating a number of turnovers. Kelly Aubert combined well with E. McDiarmid and the movement in the Glencoe goal circle created headaches for the Nangwarry defenders. Kasparian again took a number of intercepts in the defensive third to continue to send the ball back into attack.

An injury to Nicole Reeves in the dying seconds of the third quarter saw her leave the court for the day, with Danni McKinnon coming on at WD and a number of changes being made. These changes did little to slow Glencoe and they continued to increase their lead. A highlight of the second half was the battle between E. McDiarmid and K. McDiarmid in the Glencoe goal circle with each being placed in the difficult situation of playing on their sister. Each played strongly, with E. McDiarmid shooting a further nine goals for the quarter at 100% accuracy.

Best players for Glencoe were Kasparian and A. Edwards, while Nangwarry were best served by Dinnison and Teresa Stewart.

Kalangadoo 105 def Kongorong 41

In freezing conditions, Kalangadoo started strongly, scoring 7 goals before Kongorong managed a score through Tabatha Sanderson. The Kalangadoo defense line of Mikaila Pitt, Leah Ousey and Amanda Casey made the first quarter hard work for their opponents, only allowing three goals to be scored whilst Sarah Lucas and Tiia Pelkeonen had trouble containing Caroline Davey and Melissa Russell, who piled on 25 goals between them.

The second quarter was much the same, although Kongorong started to use Tabatha’s height to their advantage, and she managed to score 10 goals out of her team’s total of 11. Jayde Peacock, who is having a brilliant season, was again dominant through the mid court and got lots of touches against her smaller opponent in Ellie Waters. Jenna Pitt also drove hard for the magpies at WA to win her position. At the half time break the score line was 49-14 and Kalangadoo didn’t look back. Kongorong just made the one change bringing Ashley Sturges on at GD, replacing Tiia Pelkeonen.

Caroline Davey shot a huge 26 goals in the third through some great holds and nice screens set by Melissa Russell. Leah Ousey and Amanda Casey continued to limit the scoring opportunities at the other end and the margin increased to give the magpies a 56 goal lead going into the last quarter.

Kalangadoo bought another youngster in jade Lythgo on to WD for the last and gave Mikaila Pitt the task of defending tall timber Tabatha whilst resting Amanda Casey. Kongorong started to use Tabatha more in the last quarter and she grew in confidence scoring 15 goals from 16 attempts despite Mikaila’s hard defensive work. She was also fed accurately by Courtney pink and Kaylah Earl. Kongorong had their best scoring quarter for the match, managing 16 goals to Kalangadoo’s 24.

Caroline Davey shot 78 goals for the match with 80% accuracy to earn best player accolades with Jenna Pitt, whilst Kongorong goalies Tabatha Sanderson and Kaylah Earl were named best for their team.

Port MacDonnell 43 drew with Hatherleigh 43

Port MacDonnell started with the first centre pass and worked the ball nicely down into their goalies and scored through Tamara Ferguson from a penalty. Hatherleigh went on to score the next goal from a beautiful long pass from Keston Green. She continued her great work intercepting the Demons next centre pass but her team missed the goal and it was quickly snapped up by the Demons defenders. With Hatherleigh’s tight defensive pressure all over the court saw the Demons throw a wild ball out of court. Again the Eagles had the opportunity to score but the defensive duo of Ash Heald and Kirby Carrison gained back possession for their team but again the ball was turned over by an offside error and the Eagles made the most of this opportunity and scored. The Demons then went on to score the next goal from a beautiful intercept by Junior Ady Neshoda and their own centre pass. This quarter saw much of the same throughout its entirety with young Eagle Annabel Brooks intercepting the ball for her team and they scored the next several goals. The end of this quarter saw Hatherleigh up by 2 goals 14-12.

Again the second quarter was evenly matched with neither team willing to give an inch. The defensive pressure by both teams was outstanding and in a low scoring quarter the game was more like a tennis match and not a netball game. Toni Gilmore for the Demons was trying her best for her team scoring 6 out of the 8 goals with only 1 miss. Likewise at the other end, Demi Smith also was doing all she could for her side scoring 7 out of the 8 goals. The Demons had to work overtime to bring the ball out of their defence while the Eagles seemed to work it more swiftly but with silly errors by both teams the margin was still the same going into the half time break.

The third quarter saw changes to both sides with Keston Green going back into a more familiar position at goal attack, Kelsey Bromley into goal shooter, Demi Smith into wing defence, Annabel Brooks into wing attack and Erin Watson into centre while for the Demons Tegan Merrett from the bench into centre, Emily Taylor into wind defence and Ady Neshoda sidelined.  The changes seemed to lift the Demons side as they outscored the Eagles by 5 goals this quarter to put them in the lead at three quarter time by 3 goals.

The last quarter saw neither team willing to give the game away and every player was giving their all for their side. Beautiful shooting from experienced gaoler Green saw her put 9 on the board without a miss. Likewise at the other end Gilmore also was able to put 8 on her team’s scoresheet without a miss. Both girls were well backed up by their centre court but it was lack of opportunity for both teams that made the difference. With only minutes to go before the final whistle, Demons player Emily Taylor went down with an ankle injury which stopped the flow of the game. She was sidelined and as Hatherleigh were only 2 goals down and had possession of the ball they went on to score not only that goal but their next centre pass to even up the score line. With no time left on the board the game ended in a draw.

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