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Collapse of provider see businesses disconnected

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THE collapse of a group of telecommunications companies is leaving potentially thousands of businesses across Australia without landlines. Millicent Accountancy Firm Hamilton Hately, Millicent Windows and Doors and  Millicent Newsagency are just some of the local businesses affected by the recent collapse of provider CONEC2. A spokesperson for one of these businesses said today, there is still no clear indication of when their landlines will be connected and they are still depending on mobile phones to stay in touch with clients. However, clients ringing any of the numbers that have been disconnected, will receive a recorded message to say the phone has been disconnected.

A local consumer told wattlerangenow they tried to ring a Millicent business and on receiving the disconnection message, immediately thought the business may be in trouble;  according to numerous reports in the media, that is the fear of many businesses across Australia.

One local business emailed Telstra last Friday 9th May and today Wednesday 14th May have still not received a reply. However they understand  Telstra would be experiencing a high volume of emails and calls.

The Telecomunications Ombudsman has released this information on their official website:-

Update for Conec2 customers
12 May 2014
Conec2 has advised us that it went into administration on Friday, 9 May 2014.The appointed administrators are Jirsch Sutherland.
If you have a complaint about a Conec2 service that you have been unable to resolve with Conec2 or the administrators, you can contact us.
Urgent services
If you immediately need a working service, for example for medical reasons or to conduct business, we recommend that you arrange for a new or temporary service as soon as possible.
Where services have been disconnected, consumers’ phone numbers may have been placed in quarantine. This means that consumers can request but are not guaranteed to have the number reassigned to them when they are reconnected.
How we can help
The TIO is limited in the help it can offer consumers to resolve any complaints at this stage. We have contacted administrators Jirsch Sutherland to determine if any transition arrangements will be put in place to handle these complaints or restore services. If you urgently need a service, we recommend that you arrange for a new or temporary service as soon as possible.
The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) has received a large volume of calls as a result of companies iBoss, One Telecom and Conec2 entering administration. We apologise for any inconvenience caused to any consumers who have had difficulty contacting us.

The following report about one Queensland businessman’s concern follows:-

from the daily Mercury:

Reef Marine director Brett Griffin said:
REEF Marine Mackay predicts it will lose thousands of dollars after having its landlines disconnected by provider CONEC2.
Director Brett Griffin said the business lost all eight of its phone lines on Saturday morning.
He said he got in touch with the company yesterday by email and received a response saying that CONEC2 was currently in dispute with its upstream provider.
“We employ 17 people so it (the weekend’s loss) would’ve been in the thousands, if not the tens of thousands,” Mr Griffin said.
A call to the company was answered with “sorry you can’t leave a message for CONEC2, the mail box is full, goodbye.”




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