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Scam alert for Limestone Coast residents

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Police are reminding Limestone Coast residents to be vigilant in order to protect themselves against scammers, particularly via phone calls and over the internet.
There have been recent reports to Mt Gambier police of scammers gaining personal details such as bank and driving licence details over the telephone which has resulted in fraudulent banking transactions.
Police remind people not to divulge personal details of any kind over the telephone to people who contact you unexpectedly. If you are unsure of any cold caller, obtain a telephone number and ring back to check the validity of the caller or contact police for advice.
People who believe they may have been deceived in this manner are advised to report the incident to police and their local bank immediately.
For more information on scams please visit http://www.scamwatch.gov.au

How to identify a scam:-

  • An offer of big money with no risk or very little effort
  • Must respond now or opportunity be lost
  • Documentation tells you not yo tell anyone about the win or offer
  • Remember bank and financial institutions do not contact people by phone or email requesting personal details
  • Be wary of spending money to post box numbers, especially oversea

Please help protect your community from scammers – share this information with your friends and family, particularly those who may be less savvy about such scams. Discuss this topic at morning tea or over dinner, or share the details using the social media ‘share’ options at the top of this page.


Source: SAPOL

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