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Mid South East Netball Association Preview


Submitted by Tammy Auld for MSENA

Round 7 – Saturday 24th May

With a Bye last weekend for all clubs, this weekend players will be keen to get back into the swing of things and make an impression on the court. The Eagles, Demons and Mozzies hold second, third and fourth place on the ladder respectively on even points. With the first placed Pies playing off against the Demons and the Eagles playing the Mozzies, this weekend will be an important round for all of the sides currently in the top four.

Nangwarry have another week off this week with the Bye.

Mount Burr v Hatherleigh

After drawing with the Demons, Hatherleigh will be looking to solidify their spot on the ladder with a solid win over the Burr this weekend. The Mozzies have had some inconsistency, but will make this an exciting match if they are at their best.

Hayley Agnew and Ebony Clark combine well in the goal circle for the Burr, and they will have a tough match up this weekend against Georgina Brooks and Kaitlin Smith. Kate Nowak will need to feed the ball into her goalies with accuracy to beat the quick hands of Smith and Brooks. The battle between youngsters Erin Watson for the Eagles and Chloe Vanderhorst for the Mozzies will be fast paced and athletic. In the Eagles attacking third, Keston Green offers a settling force and Kelsey Bromley has been shooting with confidence. They are up against a young defence in Heidi Clark and Megan Thiele who read the play well, and will force the Eagles to look for smart options.

This will be the match of the round and the win will go to the team that settles first and sticks to their game plan, which is likely to be Hatherleigh this weekend.

Kalangadoo v Port MacDonnell

The Pies remain undefeated for the season, while the Demons have had some mixed results with a loss to fifth placed Robe, and a draw with second placed Hatherleigh. They will be looking to put in a good performance this weekend to prove they deserve to keep their spot in the top four.

The scoreboard each week shows the strength of the Pies goalies in Caroline Davey and Melissa Russell. Both shoot with accuracy and move well in the goal circle. The Demons goalies shoot with accuracy also, so this weekend the job will be tough for the defenders at both ends of the court. Leah Ousey and Amanda Casey work overtime for the Pies and will use their experience to minimise the Demons scoring opportunities. At the other end of the court, Ash Heald and Kirby Carrison have the strength, height and persistence to work hard to keep Davey and Russell at bay.

The Pies will take the points this weekend to remain undefeated, but it won’t be without a tough battle.

Glencoe v Kongorong

The Murphies had a good win against the Tigers a fortnight ago and will be looking to continue their winning streak this weekend. The Hawks are yet to take a win, so they will be determined and will not give the points away.

While the Hawks have not hit the winners list, they always put up a tough contest. Kaylah Earl and Sarah Lucas work overtime in defence, and they will need to work hard to overcome the height and accuracy of the Murphies Ebony McDiarmid and Kelly Aubert. The battle between Glencoe’s defensive wing, Bec Wilson, and the Hawk’s attacking wing, Samantha Allen, will be a tough fight as both go hard for every ball with courage and agility. Donna Jaeschke is tight in defence and will be a tough match up for Tabatha Sanderson, who has been outstanding each week and shoots with confidence.

The Murphies will take the points this weekend following a tough fight.

Robe v Tantanoola

The Roosters sit just out of the top four, and will be looking to stay within reach of the top four with another win this weekend. The Tigers have caused some headaches for their opponents, but have just missed out on a few crucial wins.

Robe are quick through the centre court area with Kate Schubert and Hayley Smart driving the ball quickly into their attacking third. They will be up against the Tigers’ persistent Casey Arney and Talana Knaggs this weekend and will need to make sure they maintain front position as they drive down the court. The fight between youngsters Casey Walker for the Tigers and Hannah Perkins for the Roosters will be hard fought and Walker will need to take care feeding the ball into her goalies to get it past the hands of Robe’s Chloe Dawson.

The Roosters will fight hard to take the points and stay within reach of the top four.


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