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Biggest Morning Tea with the 4 Sues

by S Lowe 5THE FM newsonline wattlerangenow

Today (Tuesday) thousands of people around Australia had morning tea, in homes, schools, halls, churches and workplaces to raise funds for cancer research with Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea. 5THE FM’s Julianne hosted the afternoon program on 107.7 and her interviews with Cancer Council Matt Sarre and a cancer survivor follow.


bmt groupSue Pollard, Sue Vanderheul, Sue Pappin, Elva Sinclair, Sue Vanderheul


Fifteen years ago Sue Pappin hosted an Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea for the first time. Holding in her home for a few friends she raised $55-00. Encouraged by what could be achieved, Sues Biggest Morning Tea  became an annual affair and now a tradition. In 2012 and 2013 she raised over $2000-00.

This successful cancer fundraiser has since outgrown three venues  and has attracted the support of more Sues; with Sue Vanderheul from Mt Burr, Sue Pollard from Millicent, Sue Vanderheul from Mt Burr and Sue Pollard from Millicent joining Sue Pappin forming an organising team of the 4 Sues.

The Biggest Morning Tea has been held in the Presbyterian Church Hall in Millicent since 2009 and again today Thursday 22nd May.

Over 100 people paid $5-00 admission for morning tea which  included tables groaning under food, glorious food.  Funds were also raised with a raffle,  a competition and astall of home baked or home grown items.

Sue Pappin said today that the final count for the morning tea raised $1386.40. The Millicent Lioness donated $300.00, Banksia House donated $174.00 plus another amount of $120.00 and Lynette Brookes raised $120.00 making an overall amount of over $2100.  Sue said she received donations and Fosters Staff ran a morning tea and over the 15 years since she began fundraising she has raised approximately $16,000.

“People’s generosity has been wonderful and I appreciate all the help we have in setting up, cooking and cleaning up too,” she said.

The 4 Sues are compiling a recipe book and are would like your favourite recipes. The book will be sold next year as an additional fundraiser.

Afternoon program on 5THE FM with Julianne

Matt Sarre from Cancer Council was a guest on the afternoon program with Julianne on 5THE FM today and he said the concept of the Biggest Morning Tea came about because it seemed like an easy way to raise funds, and still believes that it is the simple concept that makes it work. Morning tea can be a big as you like or as simple as you like. It can be held in a private home, a school and workplace or like the 4 Sues did today; in a Church Hall.


Julianne in 5 THE FM studio 1

Since the Biggest Morning Tea began 20 years ago, in 1994,  over $120million has been raised nationally and these funds are used to provide a variety of services including research and support. Cutting edge research is currently taking place in Adelaide due to funds raised at this annual event.

The $120million is raised in amounts of $2,$5 or more sometimes but it is essentially made up of many small amounts.

Subsidized accommodation is made available in Adelaide for regional people requiring treatment in Adelaide and many have said they couldn’t have done it with out the subsided accommodation, he said. Thousands of calls are received on the help line each year in SA alone and funds raised help subsidize this service. People can ring from any where in the state for the cost of a local call.

SA target this year is to raise $13m.

Many preventative and early detection services are now available and these all help with more and more positives outcomes, he said, and these include mammograms, bowels screening, and cervical cancer screening. Simple things like getting ‘hat’ policies in schools has been a valuable preventative measure too.

Julianne also interviewed her mother-in-law, a breast cancer survivor who said the diagnosis is always a shock but in her case, friends and family rallied and she made the decision that was best for her;  having breast removal surgery and now some years later is still cancer free. Her advice for anyone facing that diagnosis, either for self or someone you know – reach out for help and support.

All gold coin donations for 5 THE FM’s Trader Radio over the net two weeks, will be donated to the Biggest Morning Tea Fundraiser.

Photos by Graeme Mellor 5THE FM newsonline wattlerangenow

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