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MSENA Match Results

Submitted by Tammy Auld for MSENA
Compiled by Colin Pye for 5 THE FM’s sportonline WattleRangeNow


Round 7 – Saturday 24th May 2014


Mount Burr 28 defeated by Hatherleigh 52

Mt Burr was without Ebony Clark (GS) and Kate Nowak (WA) for the game. Hatherleigh started the game very strong and their attacking combination of Demi Smith (GS) and Keston Green (GA) combining well, with Keston Green shooting 12 out of the 15 goals scored for the quarter. Mt Burr 6 to Hatherleigh 15

Second quarter both teams made no changes.  Mt Burr Heidi Clark (GD) and Megan Thiele (GK) created many turnovers forcing Hatherleigh Kelsey Bromley (C) and Hatherleigh Michelle Hann (WA) to pass with precision into the circle. Hatherleigh Erin Watson (WD) played very strong netball making Mt Burr Ann Guyett (WA) work hard for every ball, Watson collected any loose balls and created drive out of defence. Mt Burr 12 to Hatherleigh 29

The start of third quarter saw Michelle Hann for Hatherleigh came off at WA and Megan Allan came off the bench into that position. Mt Burr made no changes. Mt Burr Hayley Agnew (GA) was the focal point in the goal circle working hard bring youngster Kaylah Lesslie (GS) into the game. Hatherleigh Kelsey Bromley (C) started getting hands on the ball creating turn overs with Keston Green (GA) for Hatherleigh continued her accurate shooting. Hatherleigh defence in Kaitlin Smith (GD) and Georgina Brooks (GK) were making hard for Mt Burr goalies. Mt Burr 21 to Hatherleigh 42

Mt Burr made no changes for last quarter and Hatherleigh changed their defence with Kaitlin Smith going into the GK position and Georgina Brooks coming out of the circle into GD. Mt Burr Hayley Agnew (GA) and Hatherleigh Georgina Brooks (GD) were playing tough netball against each other. Mt Burr started getting turnovers and scoring off them. Hatherleigh Keston Green (GA) once again was the main focus in the circle and continued her great shooting. Mt Burr finished off strong and had a great last quarter.

Kalangadoo 65 defeated Port MacDonnell 38

In perfect weather conditions for netball, Pt Mac took on the undefeated Kalangadoo side without their key defender Ashley Heald, which meant that Michelle Lewis filled the GD position and 17/u player Ady Neshoda started at WD. Kalangadoo also had Kylie Schultz in their defensive circle for the second week running to replace Amanda Casey.

Pt Mac scored the first goal of the match and turned over Kalangadoo’s first centre pass but were unable to capitalise. From this point, Kalangadoo applied lots of pressure through the work of Leah Ousey and Kylie Schultz causing some uncharacteristic misses by Tamara Ferguson.  Jayde peacock continued her good form this season and took numerous intercepts to allow Kalangadoo to go into the first quarter break with a 10 goal lead.

The second quarter was more even with Pt Mac shooter, Toni-Lee Gilmore having a greater impact scoring 10 goals from 12 attempts, especially after Kylie Schultz had a heavy fall and took a few minutes to re-find her feet. Despite lots of pressure from Kirby Carrison and Michelle Lewis at the other end of the court, Caroline Davey and Melissa Russell continued to find space and shoot accurately and were fed well by Jenna Pitt and Jayde Peacock. The score at half time was 31-20.

Pt Mac made some changes at half time bringing on Tegan Merrett to Centre, moving Emily Taylor to WD with Ady Neshoda coming off. Kylie Schultz and Leah Ousey, with support from junior Jade Lythgo allowed Pt Mac to score just 5 goals in this quarter, whilst Caroline Davey shot 13 from 15 attempts and Kalangadoo went into the last quarter with a 23 goal lead.

The last quarter saw Pt Mac continue to apply pressure and work hard to play catch-up netball. Experienced mid-court player Marie Lewis went into Centre, Tegan Merrett to WD and Emily Taylor to WA, but Kalangadoo ran out the game well through the hard running of Jayde peacock, Jenna Pitt and Melissa Russell to be eventual winners by 27 goals.

Glencoe 72 defeated Kongorong 33

Glencoe put in an impressive display to easily account for Kongorong.

The first quarter was quite a scrappy affair with both teams causing plenty of turnovers. Tabatha Sanderson was the focal point in the goal circle for Kongorong and managed to make good position to score ten of Kongorong’s 11 goals for the quarter allowing them to be in touch by four at the first break.

Glencoe found their rhythm in the second term, increasing their defensive pressure all down the court to limit Kongorong’s opportunities with the ball. Many turnovers were caused through the centre court area and, in the last line of defence, Donna Jaeschke and Ebony McDiarmid were causing headaches for the Kongorong goalies who were unable to find an easy passage to goal and were only able to manage six for the quarter. To the contrary, Glencoe began driving the ball quickly and easily down the court. The new combination of Laura Edwards and Kelly Aubert worked extremely well in the goal circle for Glencoe. They were able to create a lot of space and move the ball freely between each other to pile on 20 goals of their own, taking an 18 goal lead into the long break.

Kongorong made numerous changes, but again the third term belonged to Glencoe who scored the first six goals of the quarter before Kongorong could reply. Ashlea Edwards and Bec Wilson further increased their defensive pressure and drive down the court while Alyce Dent and Laura Edwards were making creative options in attack. Kelly Aubert was the focal point in the circle with some strong holding and managed 17 goals herself for the quarter. An injury to Sanderson halfway through the third term forced her to leave the court and she was replaced by Ash Pietsch.

Kongorong started the final term strongly scoring the first three goals. Ellie Waters was driving strongly through the centre court and Courtney Pink was making reliable options in attack. Down the other end Sarah Lucas got her hands to a number of balls, particularly in the final term and was able to slow Glencoe’s scoring rate. However, Glencoe continued to create numerous turnovers and scoring opportunities and ran out eventual winners by 39 goals.

Glencoe had good players all over the court but named Ebony McDiarmid and Kelly Aubert as best, while Kongorong were best served by Sarah Lucas and Ellie Waters.

Robe 49 defeated Tantanoola 38


Mt Burr 24 defeated by Hatherleigh 90
Mt Burr: Lisa Scott, Bonnie Ferguson
Hatherleigh: Michelle Hann, Megan Allan

Kalangadoo 85 defeated Port MacDonnell 24
Kalangadoo: Kara Martin, Tanya Coxon
Port MacDonnell: Courtney Mansell, Mel Neave

Kongorong 28 defeated by Glencoe 65
Kongorong: Jody Leigh, Jessie Gosden
Glencoe: Erin Hudson, Amber Baker

Tantanoola 52 defeated Robe 29
Robe: Kylie Johns, Rachael Kennett


Mt Burr 40 defeated by Hatherleigh 49
Mt Burr: Rosie Harvey, Simone Wells
Hatherleigh: Casey Grosser, Zoe Blum

Kalangadoo 50 defeated Port MacDonnell  41
Kalangadoo: Kirby Bannister, Imogene Ryan
Port MacDonnell:

Kongorong 39 defeated by Glencoe 46
Kongorong: Sarah Hawkins, Callie Leese
Glencoe: Kylie Collins, Libby Ryan

Tantanoola 40 defeated Robe 6


Mt Burr 6 defeated by  Hatherleigh 61
Mt Burr: Angela Potter, Jasmine Eyles
Hatherleigh: Di Loveday, Hannah Thorpe

Kalangadoo 31 defeated by Port MacDonnell 55
Kalangadoo: Lydia Mules, Chandalin McElroy
Port MacDonnell:

Kongorong 37 defeated Glencoe 16
Kongorong: Cathy Ashby, Jodie Baldwin
Glencoe: Elizabeth Crowe, Simone Block

17 & UNDER

Mt Burr 11 defeated by Hatherleigh 91
Mt Burr: Tarin Thatcher, Emily Russell
Hatherleigh: Abbie Smith, Grace Chay

Kalangadoo 40 defeated Port MacDonnell 34
Port MacDonnell:

Kongorong 35 defeated by Glencoe 57
Kongorong: Madeline Manser, Emily Devine
Glencoe: Emily Agars, Maddison McDonald

Tantanoola 17 defeated by Robe 56
Tantanoola: Chyan Wilson, Ashley Nelson
Robe: Ciarne Tomlinson, Indi Deane

15 & UNDER

Mt Burr 31 defeated by Hatherleigh 34
Mt Burr:  Kaylah Lesslie, Kasey Lansdowne
Hatherleigh: Maddison Pulmer, Jess Allan

Kalangadoo 30 defeated by Port MacDonnell 46
Kalangadoo: Jasmine Croser, Alice Redford
Port MacDonnell: Tia Taylor, Lily Higgs

Kongorong 36 defeated by Glencoe 44
Kongorong: Lauren Glynn, Darcie Kuhl
Glencoe: Alice Edmonds, Ebony McAdam

Tantanoola 46 defeated by Robe 48
Tantanoola: Zoe Fennell, Julie Brown
Robe: Maddie Nunan, Chloe Venn

13 & UNDER

Mt Burr 27 defeated Hatherleigh 15
Mt Burr: Sophie Wallis, Maddie Butler
Hatherleigh: Georgia Chant, Macey Varcoe

Kalangadoo 54 defeated Port MacDonnell 7
Kalangadoo: Shayla Jones, Sarah Opie
Port MacDonnell: Halle Collins, Emily Williams

Kongorong 38 defeated Glencoe 4
Kongorong: Amber Formosa, Sophie Modra
Glencoe: Zoe Parham-Hawke, Dakota Trotter

Tantanoola 21 defeated by Robe 31
Tantanoola: Skye Reid, Emily Jennings
Robe: Kate Falkner-Hunt, Asha Pettit


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