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Australian Hip Hop under the stars in the South East

Seth Hover

Seth Sentry and the hover board

by Tarin Thatcher for 5THE FM newsonline wattlerangenow

Bliss n Eso took the stage last Friday night in Mount Gambier for one of the final stops in their Circus Under the Stars Tour; putting on a show no-one will forget. Main support acts Horrorshow and Seth Sentry performed world class sets at the show grounds. The all-ages gig had a huge crowd turn-out.

Arriving at the concert just as Horrorshow took the stage, the people were just starting to roll in. They played tracks off their latest release, King Amongst Many (2013) and favorites from previous albums. Wrapping their set up with one of the most popular tracks, Dead Star Shine really pumped up the crowd for the rest of the show.

Next up was Seth Sentry whose crowd interaction was extraordinary; really getting the audience involved in his set. Performing mainly songs off his 2012 album, This Was Tomorrow; among others, including a cover of Frenzal Rhomb’s Punch in the Face. He also played his first hit, The Waitress Song, which had his fans in fine voice. Seth and DJ Sizzle’s on-stage presence was contagious, with the two clearly having a good time. Finishing the set with Dear Science, a track devoted to science’s inability to produce a hoverboard, really got the crowd moving as one. Leaving the stage with Back to the Future prop in his hand held high.

Headliner’s Bliss n Eso took the stage after video footage was played to the audience of them running late for the show driving a Kombi van. This van then drove on stage and opened up to reveal where DJ Izm would perform from. The trio touring with a live band including Darren Mathiassen on drums, Ceekay Jones on guitar, Bliss’s cousin on keys and a strong female vocalist. They played songs from all their albums, satisfying new and old fans alike. DJ Izm’s personality shone through in his solo performances, mixing Lorde’s Royals and M.I.A.’s Paper Planes, also mixing up House of Pain’s classic, Jump had the crowd doing just that. Bliss n Eso ended the show after returning to stage for an encore, performing their most popular tune Addicted. Half way through the song they jumped onto the audience in inflatable boats, crowd surfing their way to the sound tent and back which was an unexpected highlight of the show.

Having such well-known artists come to rural areas like Mount Gambier is something that should be encouraged. Although hip-hop is not to everyone’s taste, live music in general is a privilege to have in our community. It was a nice change not having to travel too far to see such high profile artists. The state of Australian hip hop is alive and well.

Photos by Tarin Thatcher

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