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MSENA Preview


Submitted by Tammy Auld for MSENA
Compiled by Colin Pye for 5THEFMWattleRangeNowsportonline

Preview Round 8
Saturday 31st May 2014

Some big margins were seen in last week’s MSENA matches which caused a shuffling of the top six sides on the ladder. Glencoe’s win over the Hawks put them in the four, while Robe’s win over Tantanoola jumped them up two spots to take third position. Port MacDonnell and Mount Burr were not so lucky going down to first and second placed Kalangadoo and Hatherleigh respectively, pushing them out of the four a week before they face each other on the court.

Kalangadoo have the bye this week prior to all clubs having a week off the following week for the Country Championships Carnival in Adelaide over the June Long Weekend.

Port MacDonnell v Mount Burr

With both sides suffering a loss last weekend, all players will be keen to take the points this weekend and claw back a top four spot on the ladder.

Ebony Clark was missing from the Mount Burr side last weekend, however with her back in the goal circle with Hayley Agnew the Mozzies should hit their straps early. The Bay were without Defender Ash Heald last weekend also, so with her back in, there will be plenty of defensive pressure over the Mozzies goalies. Mount Burr’s Ann Guyett has been a quiet achiever this season doing some great defensive and attacking work on the wing. This weekend she will need to up the ante again as she comes up against the Bay’s Marie Lewis who will drive quickly onto the goal circle for her team. While the Bay’s goalies are experienced, the agility of Megan Thiele and Heidi Clark will present a tough contest for Toni-Lee Gilmore and Tamara Ferguson as they battle to get position in the circle.

The Bay girls will take the points this weekend with the home court advantage being the only divider in this match of the round.

Hatherleigh v Glencoe

At the other end of the spectrum, the Eagles and the Murphies both come off impressive wins last weekend and will be looking to continue their winning form. The Murphies may have had the easier battle on paper last week, but they will probably have the rougher trot this weekend.

The Eagle’s team has been a bit unsettled, with multiple changes in their line-up throughout the season so far, however this hasn’t upset their form enough to lower their standing on the ladder. The Murphies line up has seen a few changes itself with Sarah Kasparian out of the side last weekend and Laura Edwards stepping ably into the goal circle and shooting with confidence. Youngster Demi Smith stepped into the goal circle last weekend for the Eagles, and with her nibble movements and accurate shooting, she causes headaches for her opponents. The experience of the Murphies Sarah Kasparian will put pressure on Smith if she hits the goal circle this weekend; however she is ably supported by the experience of Keston Green who will lead her to success. On the wing or through the centre court, Erin Watson drives with speed and strength and she will be well matched against the pace of either Laura or Ashlea Edwards. The battle under the Murphies’ goal post between Glencoe’s Ebony McDiarmid and Hatherleigh’s Georgina Brooks will also be exciting to watch.

The Eagles will likely take the points this weekend in a hard fought battle.

Kongorong v Robe

Unfortunately for the Hawks they are likely to have another tough run this weekend against the Roosters. Robe has been performing with strength in recent weeks, while the Hawks remain winless, although not without putting up a tough fight for all four quarters each week.

Chloe Dawson and Kimberly Austin are tight in defence and will make life tough for Kongorong’s youngster Tabatha Sanderson in the goal circle. Even with Sanderson’s height, Robe will have the height advantage across almost all areas of the court, which will put pressure on every move that Kongorong make. Courtney Pink has been quick and dominant through the centre court area; however she will need to work tirelessly to make gains over the Rooster’s centre court speed. The height and accuracy of Keely Mason are likely to create further headaches for the Hawks under Robe’s goal ring, as Kaylah Earl will need to work overtime to outsmart the clever and quick Mason.

The Roosters will fight hard to take the points and remain within the top four.

Tantanoola v Nangwarry

After a rest last weekend, the Saints have had a chance to regroup and will hit the court with passion this weekend. While they are out of the top four, they are adjacent to the Tigers on the ladder at present, and these two teams are quite evenly matched on paper.

The Tigers have been strong in defence with Simone Little and Talana Knaggs stopping their opponents from having an easy flow into their goal circle. The Saints goalies in Nicole Biszko and Nicole Reeves do not need to get close to the goals to be an accurate shot though, so the pressure will need to be applied right down the court. Cassie Dinnison and Teresa Stewart play a similar style of netball to the Tigers Casey Arney, so the centre court match ups will be interesting this weekend with all players driving hard at the ball and not giving up easily. The McDiarmid sisters in Carly and Chloe work well in defence for the Saints, and will apply plenty of pressure to the Tiger’s goalies. Youngster Casey Walker works had on the wing for Tantanoola and she will need to feed the ball with accuracy to ensure the Tigers have every opportunity to score.

Although very tough to call, the Saints will take the points this weekend in a close one.


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