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MSENA Results

Submitted by Tammy Auld for MSENA
Compiled by Colin Pye for 5 THE FM’s sportonline WattleRangeNow


Round 8 – Saturday 31st May 2014


Port MacDonnell 56 defeated Mt Burr 28
With both teams fighting for a top four position on the ladder this was going to be an important win for either team.

Port MacDonnell started with the first centre pass and scored through experienced gaoler Toni Gilmore. Mt Burr then went onto score their centre pass which set a pre-set for how the first quarter would flow. Both teams’ defence created turnovers for their respective teams which on most occasions was finished off well by their goalies. An offensive penalty by the Demons in the later part of the quarter created the much needed turnover for Mt Burr and they went into the first break leading by one goal.
The game from then onwards became more of a one-sided affair. The defensive pressure all over the court by Port MacDonnell especially in and around the defensive goal circle, created many turnovers for the Bay girls. Hayley Agnew in goal attack for Mt Burr was doing all she could, scoring 6 of their 7 goals but with lack of procession she was unable to keep her team in touch. Likewise up the other end, Megan Thiele and Heidi Clark were doing all they could for their team but with patience and some precision passing from the Bay, they were able to outscore the Mozzies by 9 goals taking the lead by 8 going into the half time break.
The third quarter saw much the same as the second with the Demons only allowing the Mozzies to score 5 goals for the quarter whilst they went on to score 16 themselves. The combination of Port MacDonnell’s centre court which included Marie Lewis, Michelle Lewis and Emily Taylor was pivotal in the game as they were able to connect well as a unit and work the ball down court and into their goalies who finished off well.
Mt Burr made several changes going into the final quarter with Kate Nowak moving from wing attack into centre, Laura Schultz moving from centre into goal shooter, Ann Guyett moving from wing defence into wing attack and Emily Russell coming from the bench into wing defence. This didn’t seem to disrupt the Demon’s game too much and again they kept their opponents to only 5 goals for the quarter while putting another 14 points on the board themselves. The end margin really didn’t reflect the hard fought game by both teams but experience in the end saw the Demons take the points winning 56-28.
Port MacDonnell: Emily Taylor, Marie Lewis
Mt Burr: Hayley Agnew, Megan Thiele

Hatherleigh 58 defeated Glencoe 43
Hatherleigh tightened their grip on second spot with a 58-43 win over Glencoe at Hatherleigh on Saturday.

In what could have been a danger game for Hatherleigh, the home side showed their intent in the first 15 minutes with fast pace 17 goals.
The Hatherleigh players were polished in defence with Kaitlin Smith and Georgina Brooks applying relentless pressure throughout the entire game.
It would have been a disappointment to the visitors as they came off a impressive victory against Kongorong a fortnight ago.
Youngster Maddi Pulmer got the start at wing defence for Hatherleigh with Erin Watson slipping into centre while Glencoe stuck with their established starting seven of recent weeks.
With their eyes firmly on consolidating a settled attack line, Hatherleigh made a sharp start, the Eagles producing a slick and dominate opening stanza.
Goal attack Keston Green and goal shooter Demi Smith carved up in attack, their combination working well as they constantly found perfect shooting position. There steady stream of ball was due to the full court defensive pressure and turnovers from Smith, Brooks and Erin Watson.
Glencoe struggled in their attacking third, although Glencoe shooter Sarah Kasparian did pick up some high passes with clever positioning.
Hatherleigh recording a healthy 17/10 lead at the first break.
Defender Donna Jaeschke worked tirelessly to keep her side in the contest with goal attack Keston Green continuing to be involved heavily. Kasparian moved to goal keeper at the first change while Ebony McDiarmid switched to goal shooter. This change giving the visitors immediate results, Kasparian picking up rebounds and turnovers while Jaeschke and Rebecca Wilson  at wing defence stepped up their  defensive efforts.
A stoppage in play by Brooks who appeared to suffer a ankle injury gave Hatherleigh time to regroup and settle to head to the main break well placed 32/23.
Youngster Annabel Brooks (who has been missing for 3 weeks recovering from a ankle injury) replaced Pulmer at wing defence at the main break whilst Glencoe stuck with the same line.
Glencoe chipped away in the third quarter, enjoying strong patches and maintaining possession but were unable to kick on. Hatherleigh defenders showed their ability to absorb the turn in momentum and hit back with another turnover. Brooks, Smith and Watson provided a tight defensive wall which caused problems all afternoon for the Glencoe players while the driving play of Green supported by Watson and wing attack Kelsey Bromley who made good use of possessions.
Keen to push on, the home side battled hard despite Glencoe’s never say die attitude to  march to the final whistle with a five goal margin 15-10 final term.
Both sides named goal defenders their best players with Kaitlin Smith working her heart out and Donna Jaeschke battled four quarters to curb the influence of Green.
Hatherleigh: Maddison Pulmer, Kaitlin Smith
Glencoe: Rebecca Wilson, Donna Jaeschke

Tantanoola 60 defeated Nangwarry 41
Nangwarry were quick out of the blocks scoring the first 2 goals of the match but this was to be the only time they were in front for the match. The first quarter was an even affair with both teams taking time to settle. Kayla Gray was having a good quarter applying plenty of pressure in the circle and taking some nice intercepts to send the saints into attack. Kate Bromley in her 100 A grade game and Simone Little were also tireless in defence for the Ttigers. Tantanoola went into the first break with a 4 goal lead, something they were able to build on in the second. The second quarter belonged to Jami Walker shooting 13 without a miss, this along with fast pace of the Tigers’ game they were able to extend the lead by 13 at the main break. Casey Arney and Cassie Dinnison had a fierce battle in the mid court with neither giving an inch and both had impacts on their respective teams. Arney with her pace was the lynch pin through the middle for the Tigers, along with Talana Knaggs ensured a fast direct entry to the Tiger’s goal circle. The lead was extended to 18 at three quarter time and the defensive pressure from the Tigers caused the Saints to turn the ball over and with Walker running red hot and Jacqui Matthews starting to find range with some precision feeding from Casey Walker the lead once again was extended at the final whistle. 
Tantanoola: Casey Arney, Jami Walker
Nangwarry: Cassie Dinnison, Kayla Gray

Kongorong 47 defeated by Robe 66
Kongorong were looking to start the quarter strongly and show Robe their improvements but the visitors were eager to upset their hosts.  A few missed shots from Kongorong and by the end of the first quarter Robe were up by 8 goals.

The second quarter was evenly matched as both teams shot 16 goals each with Kongorong’s goal shooter Tabatha Sanderson shooting 13 from 14 attempts and Robe’s goal shooter Felicity Carter shooting 9 from 10 attempts. Robe’s drive through the middle with Keeley Venn and Hayley Smart gave their team a clear path into the goal circle.
Kongorong’s Courtney Pink came in the game at half time into the wing attack position. Her precise passing into her goalies gave Kongorong the best chance to finish off their hard work. Robe’s goal defenders Hannah Perkins and Kimberley Austin were having a good battle against Kongorong’s tall goalie in Tabatha Sanderson who was getting the better of them. Robe’s goalies worked well together and through Felicity Carter and Keeley Mason they finished off many opportunities.
Robe changed their attack line in the last quarter which resulted in a few missed goals. Kongorong’s defence line up in Tiia Pelkonen, Sarah Lucas and Kaylah Earl worked tirelessly all game and are becoming a great team. Kongorong got many turnovers in the last quarter but failed to convert them into goals. Kongorong played four solid quarters but it was not good enough to stop Robe coming away with the win.
Kongorong: Ash Sturges, Tabatha Sanderson
Robe: Hayley Smart, Keely Mason


Port MacDonnell 67 defeated Mt Burr 27
Port MacDonnell:
Mt Burr:

Hatherleigh 46 defeated by Glencoe 48
Glencoe: Michelle Kuhl, Deb Curtis

Tantanoola 74 defeated Nangwarry 34
Tantanoola: Rebecca Scanlon, Lucy Barber
Nangwarry: Dani McKinnon, Tammy Smith


Port MacDonnell 60 defeated Mt Burr 39
Port MacDonnell: Narelle Lewis, Brooke Williams
Mt Burr:

Tantanoola 51 defeated Nangwarry 28
Tantanoola: Taraah Taylor, Morgen Lindner
Nangwarry: Demi Gray, Leonie McKeon


Port MacDonnell 72 defeated Mt Burr 6
Port MacDonnell:
Mt Burr:

Hatherleigh 56 defeated Glencoe 21
Hatherleigh: Fiona Jackman, Theresa Andre
Glencoe: Julia Jones, Keryn Whibley

Tantanoola 73 defeated Nangwarry 22
Tantanoola: Krystal Trembath, Hijisa Radley

17 & UNDER

Port MacDonnell 84 defeated Mt Burr 17
Port MacDonnell: Josephine Finnigan, Taylor Wilsmore
Mt Burr:

Hatherleigh 50 defeated Glencoe 44
BEST Hatherleigh: Emily Nettle
Glencoe: Laura Edwards, Genna Geddes

15 & UNDER

Port MacDonnell 62 defeated Mt Burr 27
Port MacDonnell: Natika Fensom, Maddilyn Ireland
Mt Burr:

Hatherleigh 43 defeated Glencoe 30
Hatherleigh: Jess Allan, Lara McGregor
Glencoe: Bella Leane, Tayla Wilsmore

Tantanoola 61 defeated Nangwarry 20
Tantanoola: Demi Milnes, Victoria Lucas
Nangwarry: Hailee Barnes, Tayla McKeon

13 & UNDER

Port MacDonnell 15 defeated by Mt Burr 50
BEST Port MacDonnell: Nikeisha Facey, Shylah Fosdike
Mt Burr:

Hatherleigh 42 defeated Glencoe 5
Hatherleigh: Zoe Widdison, Georgia Chant
Glencoe: Gemma Rogerson, Alarna Briggs

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