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SA Country Championships Preview

submitted by Tammy Auld for MSENA

Saturday 7th June – Monday 9th June 2014

Over the June long weekend, 38 keen and eager Mid South East Netballers will be heading to Adelaide with approximately 16 coaches, team managers, umpires and administrators to battle it out at the Country Championships Carnival for 2014. The Carnival commences on Saturday 7th June with an Opening Ceremony, and concludes on the Monday afternoon with a series of finals matches.

The Mid South East Netball Association has had plenty of success in previous years at the Carnival with most teams usually finishing in finals. After winning places in Division 1 last year, our 17&Under side narrowly missed out on finals and our 15&Under and 13&Under sides made it through to the quarter finals matches. This year, it is hoped that teams can take it that step further and come away with some flags.

There are approximately 92 teams registered in total for the competition with 7 A grade sides, and roughly 25 in each of the junior grades. This will make for a diverse and tough competition.



The A grade side has representation from four of the nine teams in the competition. With good numbers making themselves available for selections, girls had to work hard to earn their positions.

Coach: Kerri-Lee Bromley (Tantanoola)

Kaitlin Smith Hatherleigh Kaitlin is an agile defender who is tight on her player and has the ability to intercept the ball well and surprise her opponent.
Georgina Brooks Hatherleigh Georgina is an athletic defender who can also play goals if required. She reads the play well and applies pressure in any position.
Sara Haines Hatherleigh Sara is a speedy centre court player who attacks the ball hard and feeds the goal circle with skill.
Nicole Biszko Nangwarry Nicole is an accurate goalie who shoots well from anywhere in the goal circle. She moves and combines well with fellow teammate Reeves.
Nicole Reeves Nangwarry Nicole is an accurate goalie who can also apply plenty of defensive pressure and centre court drive as required.
Kelsey Bromley Hatherleigh Kelsey is a skilful and versatile player who drives well through the centre court area and attacks the ball hard on the wing.
Kelly Aubert Glencoe Kelly is an accurate goalie, but also has the ability to drive the ball through the centre court with skill. She reads the play well and plays with her head.
Talana Knaggs Tantanoola Talana is a tight and forceful defender who does her best work on the defensive wing. She can play attack if required also.
Jami Walker Tantanoola Jami is a talented goalie who moves well in the circle and rebounds the ball with skill if required.



17 & UNDER

The 17 & Under side is a versatile and athletic side which will be competitive for top spot in Adelaide. With three if the top four clubs represented in the team, this is very much the best that the Association has to offer at this age group.

Coach: Narelle Ryan and Lisa Illsley (Kalangadoo)

Sarah Croser Kalangadoo Sarah brings plenty of height and lots of agility to the goal circle at either end of the court.
Jordanna Jones Kalangadoo With strength either as a goalie or a defender, Jordy provides plenty of depth in any position across the court.
Demi Smith Hatherleigh A talented goalie or defender, Demi holds well in the goal ring and uses her body well to gain position under the ring.
Mikaila Pitt Kalangadoo Solid at both ends of the court, Mikaila is an agile and determined defender. She rebounds with strength and drives hard out of defence following a turnover.
Erin Watson Hatherleigh An athletic and agile centre court player who’s speed is hard to match, Erin is a dominant force in the centre court.
Ady Neshoda Port MacDonnell Ady is a strong defender and an athletic centre court player who attack’s the ball hard.
Emily Nettle Hatherleigh With plenty of height, Emily is an agile defender who reads the play well.
Cody Manning Hatherleigh Cody is a strong centre court player who is tenacious on the wing. She also drives through the centre court area with strength
Jade Opie Kalangadoo Jade is a persistent defender who uses her keen skill at rebounding to make the most of any of her opponents missed shots.
Maddy Murdoch Port MacDonnell Maddy is a strong and able shooter who drives well through the centre court also. She is versatile and adapts well to all positions.


15 & UNDER

It is incredible to watch the dedication and commitment of these girls as they hit the court and combine effortlessly which each other. This group will be a formidable force on the court.

Coach: Donna Jaeschke (Glencoe)

Annabel Brooks Hatherleigh A gutsy attacker who fights hard for the ball, but also applies plenty of pressure in defence if required.
Demi Carter Robe A strong goalie, Demi can shoot with precision from anywhere in the goal circle.
Keely Venn Robe A reliable and versatile goalie, Keely rarely misses her shots, and moves well under the goal ring.
Tilah Buckingham Port MacDonnell Tilah is strong at either end of the court with accurate shooting and strong rebounding hands. Her height provides plenty of advantage in the goal circle.
Chloe Vanderhorst Mt Burr A goer in any centre court position, Chloe gives her all for all four quarters of every match to cause headaches for her opponents.
Maddison Pulmer Hatherleigh A reliable and tough defender who makes hard work of it for any opponent.
Sarah Edwards Glencoe With centre court speed and an amazing ability to read the play, Sarah always creates plenty of options for her team mates.
Jasmine Croser Kalangadoo Jasmine is a tall and understated player who moves well to out-smart her opponent at either end of the court.
Ellie Gould Robe With great centre court presence on either the attacking or defending wing, Ellie is tenacious and hard working. She shoots with accuracy also if required.


13 & UNDER

With this being a first trip to the Country Carnival for some of these players, nerves will be high, but as a unit this combination of players is strong enough to match it with the best. Those who have competed before will lead the way for the others which will see this team building on last year’s result.

Coach: Rose Perkins (Robe)

Natika Fensom Port MacDonnell A tall and agile attacker, Natika’s height will be handy when looking to intercept the ball through the centre court or rebound any missed shots.
Emma Gould Tantanoola A quick centre court player, or a strong defender if required, Emma is agile and quick to intercept the ball through the mid court.
Lara McGregor Hatherleigh Lara brings strength under the goal ring at either end of the court. She shoots with confidence, but also defends the ball hard.
Chloe Venn Robe A quick mid court runner and competent attacker, Chloe is a force to contend on the wing and is a competent goalie if required also.
Georgia Duncan Kalangadoo A handy defender, Georgia reads the play well to prevent an easy pass into her opposing goalies.
Asha Pettit Robe Asha is a competent runner through the centre court who applies plenty of defensive pressure to her opponent.
Eliza Hunter Kalangadoo Eliza is an agile goalie or defender who is smart in the way she reads the play and clever to leave her opponent behind as she drives down the court.
Lucy Perkins Robe A versatile centre court player who is athletic enough to intercept the ball in any third of the court with skill.
Sophie Falting Mount Burr A clever centre court player, or goalie, Sophie is versatile and athletic in her approach to any position on the court.
Jess Venn Robe Through the centre court, Jess could run all day and works hard to maintain possession for her team as she drives into the attack line.


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