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Thirty years of service celebrated

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Drs Bushell, Wachel, McIntosh and VanEeden congratulate Sue McLennan on 30 years service with the Medical Clinic Millicent

by S Lowe 5THE FM newonline wattlerangenow

Millicent’s Sue McLennan was honoured with a staff luncheon on Wednesday 4th June to mark 30 years of service at the Medical Clinic Millicent. Partners Drs Bushell, VanEeden, Wachtel and McIntosh presented Sue with a platinum and pearl necklace and earring set and she received flower arrangements from staff and the accountancy firm, for her dedication spanning 30 years.
Sue said she began her working life in administration at Cellulose when she left school. After marrying and moving to Adelaide she transferred with the same company. Returning to Millicent some time later Sue and husband Nigel began their family, having two children.
On June 7th 1984 she began work with the Medical Clinic, who received a subsidy at the time for her position. After two weeks on reception she moved into administration and her love of numbers and all things balancing, meant she found finance somewhere she wanted to stay. Her methodical approach to her work has been her success in the role she has enjoyed for 30 years.
Sue said she has seen many changes in how a business operates. The most significant has been the effect that technology has had on the workplace. She has witnessed patients records go from A5 cards to electronically recorded histories. Monthly hand written statements of the past replaced by electronic accounting, and paper records have all but disappeared.
When she first arrived at the Clinic the telephone system was still operated by a switch board with cords and plugs, with a direct line to the hospital; this has been replaced by technology.
I asked Sue if she would still be working in this role in another 30 years. “I might be if Mr Hockey has his way,” she said
“I think to keep working as long as you can keeps the brain working,  I don’t think a person should be forced to work until they are 70, nor do I think they should be forced to leave work earlier that they want to if they are still capable.”
Why has Sue stayed 30 years in the same job?
“The people are a great group of people to work with, and we are really are a big family. I love working with people, some of the patients were coming here as young people when I began work and now they are coming in with their children, it’s great “ she said.
“I enjoy it, I couldn’t stay this long in the same job if I didn’t.”


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