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$9.5 million scheme for Beachport

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Source: Wattle Range Council

Beachport’s new state of the art Community Wastewater Management Scheme was officially opened by the Wattle Range Council Mayor, Peter Gandolfi, on Friday 30 May.

Connections to the scheme have been made available to five hundred and thirty premises, including homes, two caravan parks, two hotels, a motel and a school. The scheme is the outcome of a partnership between Wattle Range Council, the Local Government Association and the State Government.
The State Government contributed $5.6 million to the scheme with the remaining $3.9 million from Council. The development of the Scheme was project managed by the LGA.
Mayor Peter Gandolfi said the scheme has a capacity to grow to 600 connections and will service local residents plus the two thousand odd holiday makers that flock to Beachport each summer.
“Because of the huge population fluctuations, a total of five lagoons with a combined volume of 60,000 cubic metres, were built to connect to a network of eight major pump stations, approximately 11,000 metres of gravity connection drains and a six kilometre rising main to the treatment lagoons on Millicent Road and about 30 domestic pressure pumps,” Mayor Gandolfi said.
“It is the biggest capital investment associated with such a scheme in the State Government subsidised program and boasts several firsts for Local Government including remote monitoring of the pump station’s control system, using ‘cloud’ technology.
“Coupled with smart project management and contractual partnerships over $500,000 in construction costs have been saved.”
Mayor Gandolfi said around 60,000 cubic metres of black water, which has traditionally been disposed of by individual soakages in the same geographical area as the town’s drinking water supply, will now be diverted through the system to the lagoons for treatment and end use onto local silage crops, allowing for up to three harvests per year.
“360,000 litres per day of dirty water, during peak holiday times, will also now flow through the CWMS,” he said.
“This is a great win for Beachport and surrounding areas, meaning there is less environmental impact, and less reliance on local water sources for agriculture.
“It has taken six years from inception through investigation, design, public consultation and construction to bring us to this point.
“Council, the State Government, the Project Managers and the contractor have every right to be proud of our achievements in developing and bringing this system to Beachport.”
Mayor Gandolfi said the positive working relationship between the parties minimised disruption to local businesses and avoided damage to the root systems of the historic pines trees along the town’s main street.
LGA President, Mayor David O’Loughlin said he congratulated all parties involved in the development of the Beachport CWMS and noted that the results would not have been achieved without a strong bond between all parties involved, to bring about this outstanding result within Budget.
“This provides a good model for future scheme management, with some $20 million in subsidy funding yet to be spent across the State,” Mayor O’Loughlin said.
Technology used on the Beachport CWMS will be rolled out over 16 South East CWMS networks over the coming years.

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