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Letter to the Editor.


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Mates – Rusty and his little mate

Letter to the Editor:-

“In the late 1980’s myself and my family lived in Mt Burr which was and still is a terrific little town to live in. We had a friendly little dog called Rusty who was a dachshund cross and a loved family pet. One Sunday we went for a drive to Mt Gambier and Rusty usually found a way to escape from our backyard and go for a wander around the town while we were away. All of our neighbours and kids in Mt Burr knew Rusty and he enjoyed the pats and attention he got from everybody. This particular Sunday, we arrived home after a few hours and there was no sign of Rusty. We kept looking for a couple of weeks to no avail, and finally came to the conclusion that he may have gone off into the pines and maybe died as he was twelve years old.

It was only recently that an acquaintance who used to live in Mt Burr told me what actually happened to Rusty. He said he saw old Rusty sniffing around his neighbour’s female dog which was on heat. He then saw his neighbour come out of his house with a shotgun and he shot my old dog. It wasn’t a clean kill however and Rusty was apparently trying to stagger towards our home when the shooter chased after him with a shovel and finished him off. What makes this despicable act even more distressing to me is that the fellow who did it was a football team mate of mine that season and was a bloke that I had a fair bit of time for. I admit that we should have made sure that Rusty was safely confined in our yard and not been able to get out and wander the streets, but the shooter knew he was my dog and you would think that he would have caught up with me to ask me to make sure we did not allow our dog to wander while his dog was on heat. It is only a couple of years ago since I found out what happened to old Rusty, but it still hurts to know how our much loved pet suffered.

Bill Chapman


4 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor.

  1. I hope KARMA returns the favor to this cruel person Bill.

  2. O.m.g. what a despicable thing to do being a passionate animal lover I dont care how long ago it happened what he did is unforgiveable to just carry on like nothing happened for you to find out the real truth now would be be as painful as if it happened today im sure if it was me he would no longer on my friends list and would know it

  3. Name and shame the person so so cruel

  4. Such a sad thing to happen to a loved family pet, and to think this was a friend and neighbour 😦 Some people have no conscience. I know what I’d like to do with his shovel!!!