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Over 300 South Australians injured in farm accidents


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More than 300 South Australians are injured every year in accidents on farms, new SA Health data reveals.

Country Health SA Director of Emergency Services and Mannum GP, Dr Peter Joyner, said farming, agricultural and horticultural communities are some of the hardest working South Australians, but also face some of the most serious risks.

“Our farmers work long hours, often performing hard, manual tasks with complicated equipment each and every day,” Dr Joyner said

“Over the past five years, more than 2,000 people have been admitted to our public hospitals after hurting themselves on a farm.

“The most common cause of serious injury involved accidents with agricultural machinery and other mechanical objects.

“Falls, tractor, car and motorbikes accidents, exposure to fire and even being struck or bitten by animals were also among the reasons people needed to be admitted to hospital.

“The most common injuries include head wounds, wrist and hand injuries, and fractured forearms, shoulders, legs and ankles.

“It’s important not to become complacent when working on a farm, and to always take the proper precautions while performing manual tasks and operating machinery.

“I also urge anyone who may have recently moved to a country property or taken up a hobby farm to ensure they are aware of the risks and seek advice if you’re unsure about the work you’re undertaking.”

Dr Joyner said farmers were often treated for serious or critical injuries.

“Farming accidents can be very serious and impact a person’s ability to work and run their property well into the future, causing significant financial and emotional stress,” he said.

“This is not only devastating for families who make their livelihoods out of farming, but often reverberates throughout the whole community.

“No matter how experienced you are or how simple the task may seem, accidents can happen, so always take precautions.”

Anyone who requires emergency assistance should call 000 immediately.

SA Health released the following figures of Public hospital admissions due to injuries on a farm, today.

Number of admissions
2008/09             341
2009/10             351
2010/11              342
2011/12              396
2012/13              358
2013/14 (to March 2014)   302
Most common causes of injuries on farms (2008 to 2014)
Moving and non-moving machinery accidents:
Crushed, jammed or pinched by objects
Contact with agricultural machinery 766
Motorcycle accidents 416

Other land transport accidents including:
All terrain and off road vehicles
Agricultural vehicles
Animal drawn transport 264
Falls, slips and stumbles 227
Bitten or struck by animal192

Most common injuries on farms (2008 to 2014)
Injury type
Injuries to the head including:
Open head wound
Traumatic brain injury
Injuries to the wrist and hand including: 323 combined
 Open wound of wrist and hand
Fracture at wrist
Amputation 291 combined
Injuries to the knee and lower leg including:
Fracture of lower leg including ankle 274
Injuries to the abdomen, lower back, lumbar spine and pelvis163
Injuries to the elbow and forearm including fractures 142
Injuries to the shoulder and upper arm 138


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