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A busy week for Service Clubs in Millicent

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Millicent had a busy week with Service Clubs Rotary, Lioness and Lions all holding hand-over meetings last week. One of the highlights of the special annual meetings, is the awards for outstanding service to the community and each club announced the winners on their night.

Millicent Rotary met on Thursday 3rd July. Outgoing President 2013-14, Eddy Hann handed over to Chris Skeer who will serve 2014-15.  Phil Golding handed the Secretary position over to Rosey Pounsett, after many years serving Rotary in this role.  John Eldridge remained in the position of Treasurer.


In-coming Rotary President Chris Skeer

Rotary’s annual Bowel Scan Month in May is an ongoing campaign to improve the lives of community members by early detection and treatment; often saving lives. Rotary Health supports local and international health campaigns strengthening and improving the lives of local and overseas communities.

Rotary Bowel Scan 2014 (5280) results showed two male person and one female were detected as needing further investigation in the postcode area 5280. Overall the results for the whole area which includes lower South East SA and into Victoria there were 174 Females reporting a positive result and 215 males. The youngest to take part in Rotary Bowel Scan was 20 years of age and the oldest was 95.

The age groups participating were:- Under 40 – 8, under 50 – 20, under 60 – 36, under 70 – 94, under 80 – 147, under 90 – 67, over 90 – 7 and no birth date registered was 10.

Rotarian John Eldridge with Rotary President Eddy Hann

Rotarian John Eldridge with Rotary President Eddy Hann

Rotarian John Eldridge was awarded the The Paul Harris Fellowship which is an award bestowed upon worthy Rotary members. The presentation of Paul Harris Fellow recognition is The Rotary Foundation’s way of expressing its appreciation for a substantial contribution to its humanitarian and educational programs. It is named for founder, Paul Harris, a Chicago lawyer who started Rotary International with three business associates in 1905.

Rotarians often designate a Paul Harris Fellow as a tribute to a person whose life demonstrates a shared purpose with the objectives of the Rotary Foundation.

Rotarian and former President Ken Haines presented this years winner Rotarian John Eldridge with the award.

The full story and Ken Haines address can be found on the following link.



Millicent Lioness Club met on Friday 4th July


Lioness members Beccy Field and Pam Snook


Ms Joan Lucas was awarded the James D Richardson Honour Award for exceptional service to the community.


Lioness Beccy Field with Joan Lucas


Millicent Lions Club 50th year President 2013-14, Leon Miels, handed over to in-coming President Des Nolls who will serve for the term of 2014-15.

Out-going President Leon Miels report:-

“Twelve months ago, I stood before the Club and visitors and promised to plan wisely and to build the club so that it achieves its primary purpose of serving the local community and Lions Clubs International. Further to that I was advised at the end of the coming year, my achievements will be part of the clubs history. How well I performed would be judged by my fellow members in years to come.

They are two serious undertakings and when ever I witnessed or conducted an Induction, I always considered them as the most important elements of the Induction of the Incoming Board of Directors. How well then, have I met these objectives?

It is not so much how well I met the objectives, it is about how we worked together with mutual respect and trust, to harmoniously and willingly ensure we did the right things, right.

No President, no matter how competent, can achieve very much with out the cooperation of others. A leader must have a team which can be relied upon to work together harmoniously towards a common goal. There is no doubt that we met the challenges of our usual roles and functions, but the club was also able to initiate and achieve significant addition outcomes. The extra effort required to perform over and above our traditional performance and successfully conduct a 50th Anniversary, including a time capsule, and to pay for and commission a catering van, demonstrates our ability to meet challenges.

Success relies heavily on forward planning and addressing obligations early. We could not have planned for the delivery of our van, the ongoing commitment of the KCA Distribution, the 50th Anniversary, twilight visits, guest speakers and the beautification of the Den environs with out significant planning by many members. The extra support we were able to provide the show society and the Mayoral Ball, the Cabinet Meeting and skin cancer screening, Birdsville, Australia Day Breakfast all relied heavily on good will, good planning and commitment. Our record Christmas Raffle and cake sales also demonstrated our ability to plan to meet our objectives. The smooth functioning of our club is largely the result of members knowing of up coming events well in advance, and being well organised.

We continued to build the club through social events, the Noorla- Yo- Long evening, the Lost Weekend , our bowls team, our Christmas get together under the trees, and our first meeting of the New Year at Lake Mc Intyre, all contributed to having fun and fellowship. Our social events, including the two more relaxed evenings when the Lioness provided our evening meal, encouraged fellowship and integration of the newer members. We are fortunate to have an exceptional partnership with the members of the Lioness Club.

We have formally addressed many of our Safety Legislative requirements and developed a reference file of Policies and Procedures.

We will always honour our obligation to meet the needs of the community, which is after all, our primary purpose, but I believe the way in which we meet the needs of the community is changing. We no longer build playgrounds, clean up back yards, and create recreational facilities, but we are more likely to form partnerships, where the other partner is better placed to maximise the result of our efforts. We have seen the Gates Foundation work with Lions to address measles immunisation and locally, to work in cooperation with Local Government, and other charitable organisations. Through complimenting each other we can achieve so much more, and I believe we will, in the future be more formally connect with other agencies to assist the Community in (for example) youth unemployment, the aged, environmental and social issues.

We will always integrate with our community through our Volunteer of the Year Award, Youth of the Year Quest, providing food at public events, cash donations, Lucindale Field Days, and Lions Cakes. We will continue to provide new opportunities and experiences for others, through our many activities and community involvement.

With the wisdom of the Board and support of the members, we have planned wisely to build the club, as we are in a sound financial position, we work with in the parameters of our Ethics and Purposes, and we are ready to face the future. Good will and an entrepreneurial outlook will combine to continue to build the club and I wish Des and his Board, and the club as a whole, an exciting and successful future. Of that there is no doubt.

Finally, we were saddened by the passing of Life Member Ron, and the unfortunate accident of Max Skeer.

It has been my very real privilege to have had the honour of being President of this fine club, and the chance to be the 50th President and the involvement it gave me during the ceremonies. At my induction I quoted:-

”We know not where our dreams will take us, but we can probably quite clearly see where we will go with out them.” I am delighted to have had your permission to realise them.”

Recognising the contribution his wife Julie had played in his role as President, Mr Miels said,

” Thankyou Julie for being with me, I love it when you walk along side of me.”


2014-07-05 22.59.12

In-coming President Des Nolls delivered an up-beat address, promising to spend, spend, spend which turned out to be the theme of the final act of entertainment of the night; the tables turned on the new president when his fellow Lions restrained him for a time! (see evidence below)

President Acceptance Speech by Des NOLL on 5/7/14 ,

Zone Chairman David SNOOK Zone Quest Chairman Garry, Mayor Peter, Guest’s, Members of the Lions Club of Millicent
I take this opportunity to thank Lion Gary for performing the handover of the President’s position.
Let me also take this opportunity to thank Past President Leon for his leadership to the club, and the community during the last year..
Leadership is one of those positions within a club, organisation or workplace that always comes with some nervousness or apprehension. To be exposed, by putting oneself out there for others to judge is something that many people don’t pursue.
The safest way of doing this, is to do it within the boundaries of a service club such as Lions. Within the frame work of this organisation we can grow individuals to be leaders within our community.
We know that this club has not had to re-cycle a president; this is a testimony to the quality of membership within this club. One of the great strengths of this club is the diversity of our membership. People from all walks of life with a variety of values, beliefs, sense of fun, and an openness to create new things. We need to continue this as we build the club for the future.
I have had the privilege of serving on many community committee’s and holding various positions within voluntary organisations, all have been rewarding.
To be entrusted with the position as the Lions Club of Millicent President, is clearly one of the greatest privileges that I have achieved. I cherish this honour.
As the club president for 2014/15, I am not about making changes, this club runs like a well oiled mechanical machine. Sure we need to oil the cog’s occasionally, but as the machine moves forward it will create its own opportunities for itself. Those opportunities will create the changes if there is to be any.
I cannot image or even think about our community not having a lions club. It would be a community lost. It is also important that our community invest in us. As a community organisation we have the capacity to give the community direction.
As a service club we have invested heavily in our community with the projects that we undertake because we love doing it. This has always been the case since the club was chartered fifty years ago.
Did you know that in 1970 The first domiciliary meals (Meals on Wheels) distributed from the Millicent Hospital was instigated by the Lions Club of Millicent. This community service is still alive and well today.
Our club generates personal and community spirit and pride. We experience this at every meeting and project we commit to. This is important as it reflects on how people living within our community see their community.
We are a club that gets things done. We are a club that takes things on. We challenge ourselves as a club and we saw this with the new catering van. A project that was expensive, and as a club we continued to look for ways to achieve this challenge, and as a club we achieved this goal. At no time was the new catering van not going to happen.
It is these club attributes that excites me as your club president for 2014/15. I am looking forward to the challenges that lay before us. The new opportunities that our community needs us to pursue. I am looking forward to spending even more money, building an ever better community, in which we all live, work and retire in.
As your president, I believe it’s about building on what we already have. We have a strength and commitment we will continue to enhance and move forward with. We will continue to do what we have always done.
The benefit of this are seen within our community, our local government is a prime example where we have serving lions members as serving councillors, serving lions members on various community management committees, lions members who are out there talking to our community and finding out what needs to be done.
Our reputation within the community is second to none; our club provides services and picks up the slack when it is required.
We will continue to be leaders in our community.
Thank You ………”

Mr Nolls said to day, (Tues) like Mr Miels he too recognises the support role a partner plays saying, “A person cannot do it alone, they need the support of their partner to be able to be effective in any community role such as the one I have just taken on.”

The latest acquisition by Lions is the new mobile kitchen at a cost of $70,000. Lions raised sufficient funds to pay for the van with a little left over to share with the community; an example of the generosity of Lions and their goals to better the community they live in.


Lions Lifetime Membership, 40 years as a Lions member, was presented to Rex Clark and will be presented to John Drew and John Stuckey at a later meeting. Mr Drew and Stuckey were unable to attend this weeks dinner.

In-coming Secretary is Ron Cowin taking over from Lion North  and Treasurer Lion Telford remains in the position.


Lions Medal recipients Sheryl and Rebekah Lowe with Lions President Leon Miels.

Millicent Lions International Medal of Merit was presented to Sheryl and Rebekah Lowe, by Lions Barry Stoddart,  for outstanding community commitment through their work at 5THE FM and community projects. The Lions Medal of Merit  is presented to a member of the community in special recognition for outstanding community contribution.

Article on the Millicent Lions International Medal of Merit can be found on this link:


The following photo album was provided by Lioness Beccy Field for your interest.

Rotary, Lioness and Lions Clubs  continually assist other community groups with fundraising for special projects in the community, and offer ‘labour’ to many community events. The support of these three Service Clubs in Millicent continue to make the community a better place to live.

The hand-over dinners were an opportunity to socialise with members and husbands, wives and partners, strengthening relationships.

The success of all service clubs depends on memberships and Millicent Service Clubs are keen to welcome new members through out the coming year.

Photos for this article were provided by Rosie Pounsett for Rotary and Beccy Field for Lioness and Lions.

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