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Pasin: Carbon Tax Repeal will benefit Barker



Source: Tony Pasin Member for Barker
“Today’s vote by the Senate to repeal the Carbon Tax is great news for local families and small businesses”, Federal Member for Barker Tony Pasin said today.
“Scrapping the Carbon Tax will save the average household around $550 a year, including around $200 on the average household electricity bill and around $70 on the average gas bill. This will reduce cost of living pressures for all Australians.”
Mr Pasin said the Government’s consumer watchdog, the ACCC, had been given extra funding and powers to ensure that savings are passed on to consumers.
“Scrapping the Carbon Tax will also take a cost burden off businesses throughout Barker. This will make it easier for them to compete and employ more people,” Mr Pasin said.
“I’ve listened to many local residents concerned about how this unfair tax has imposed a real burden on their small businesses and their family. The Carbon Tax is a $9 billion a year hit on the economy. We’ve seen plenty of proof locally that it has hurt small businesses and cost jobs.”
“Scrapping this tax has been a grassroots effort – led by Prime Minister Tony Abbott, but helped by the voices of everyday Australians. It may have taken time and there were obstacles along the way, but we’ve done this together.”
“Scrapping the Carbon Tax is just one part of our plan to build a stronger economy and create more jobs. It is also important we get the Budget under control, continue to reduce paperwork and build the infrastructure we need.”
“There’s much more to do, but removing the world’s biggest Carbon Tax from the backs of everyday small businesses and families is an important step in building a stronger economy.”


2 thoughts on “Pasin: Carbon Tax Repeal will benefit Barker

  1. $550 better off NO WAY Mr Pasin when you are taking away $1000s of other benefits from the everyday Australians that need it most.

  2. So far the ONLY supplier to guarantee that it WILL pass on any savings to the end user is AGL who is joining REX Airlines as the only two companies to publicly announce they will reverse price increases brought about through the Carbon Tax, all of the other companies out there these are the only 2 that are willing to offer any thing in the way of savings.

    So how is this going to benefit the constituents of Barker…… I received my AGL Power bill the other day and I have used 1kwH less energy this year in comparison to last year and my bill is $30 higher, how is this a benefit… the prices rose to accommodate the tax I am yet to see any real indication of prices dropping anywhere.

    Lets be realistic less primary cost after removal of the tax equals more profit after its removal, what business plan doesn’t promote this instead of lower retail prices and less profit margin.