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Dry July for Cheryl



Cheryl Chambers supporting Dry/July


 by S Lowe 5THE FM wattlerangenow

Cheryl Chambers, presenter at 5THE FM, has decided to support dry/July this year to raise money for the cancer ward at Mt Gambier Hospital. Cheryl is a survivor of bowel cancer and has been touched not only by her own experience but through friends cancer diagnosis so this appeal is very important to her.

We encourage 5THE FM listeners and wattlerangenow readers to support her campaign:

Cheryl’s letter to the editor follows:-

“I would just like to let everyone know that I am trying to raise some money for the Cancer Ward at the Mt Gambier hospital through this years dry/july campaign.

Now that we have lost the chemo facilities in Millicent many of our family & friends will be using this ward.

The direct link to donate to me is https://au.dryjuly.com/profile/cherylchambers or you can just go to the Dry July website and type in my name. All donations $2 & over re tax deductible and a receipt can be gained from this site. Help me to make a difference.Cheers Cheryl ChambersContact Phone Number: 0417082770


The following link will take you to Cheryl’s interview last year on 5THE FM






2 thoughts on “Dry July for Cheryl

  1. Thanks for that.Great article.Hopefully it will help my cause.Cheers Chezza