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Source: Kangaroo Inn Area School

As part of the Student Wellbeing policy development, Kangaroo Inn Area School will have a guest speaker Monday, 11th Aug. Derrick McManus will be presenting to the Yr 4 – 12 students about his life and the values he follows. Derrick was a policeman who was shot in a hostage situation. His workshops focus on resilience, overcoming obstacles in life and living positively. Parents are welcome to the student sessions

Yr 4 – 6 8.50 – 10.00am Yr 7 – 12 10.20 – 11.30am

Data has been collected from the students, families and staff about the characteristics of their IDEAL SCHOOL. Originally the next step was to get the school community to vote on the identified values to reduce them to an achievable group.

However, after reviewing and grouping all of the sticky notes, there are some stand-out values which they will adopt for KIAS. These values which will sit alongside the schools Mission Statement, STRIVE FOR LIFE.

The next step will be for the students to record what each value looks like in practice.

This week, Vanessa Kirkham has visited from the DECD E-mentoring program.

E-mentoring is an innovative program where students are matched with a mentor and they speak online in a safe,monitored environment once a week. They have trialled this with two students and will be nominating more students to participate. The program aims are to support students to build relationships and create connections outside the school environments. Vanessa, on behalf of Open Access, also donated 4 computers to KIAS!

 Nick Hurst and Tom Gould  represented the district in SAPSASA Golf


Sam Oshodi

Kangaroo Inn Area School was extremely fortunate to be visited by African drummer Sam Oshodi. Whilst in the SE for the week, Sam travelled to numerous schools conducting drum making, storytelling and West African song and dance sessions. The students and teachers appreciated being immersed in the African cultural experience a requirement of The Australian Curriculum. Sam explained and practised the process of making a bongo drum which can be found in the school library. Students also dressed in costumes, played instruments and danced to African music. They experienced African storytelling and were given wisdom which incorporated values such as kindness, achieving the best education possible and having the courage to say no if you’re not comfortable with something.

Drumming Workshop

On Monday, the 28th of July all Kangaroo Inn students had the pleasure of participating in a drumming workshop with Sam Oshodi. The session consisted of creating a drum, dancing, making music and listening to Sam talk. All of the students were amazed and inspired by Sam’s personality and way of life (not to mention his marvellous snake skin shoes)! Some of the messages that he got across, included that if you stay in school and get an education, your life will be much better and more positive. Sam was adamant that if you are good, good things happen to you and to just be happy in general.

There were multiple drums that they were able to use and make music along with other instruments that he created. The process of making a drum was an interesting learning experience, as was the seven heavens game.

The workshop was a unique experience for all. They thoroughly enjoyed the time they had with Sam and hope he can come back again.

Taken from the Kangaroo Inn Area School Newsletter

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