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Mining at Ardrossan scaled back

by S Lowe 5THEFM/wattlerangenow

On 4th August WRN posted a report ‘Locals taking mining concerns to Parliament’ on the following link :- https://wattlerangenow.com.au/2014/08/04/locals-take-mi…rliament-house

Members of South East communities joined with communities from across the state to voice their concerns about the effects of mining on agriculture, health and tourism.  Ardrossan and neighboring communities joined the rally because of their concerns about the proposed copper mine at Ardrossan.


Save Yorke Peninsula signs were evident

Protestors, against the copper mine near Ardrosson, on Parliament House steps 2/8/2014


Rex Minerals have just released a statement saying that the Ardrossan copper mine project has been scaled back and the managing director Mark Parry has stepped down. The scale-back comes less than two weeks after the SA State Government granted the mining lease and Minister for Mineral Resources and Energy Tom Koutsantonis said there would be hundreds of jobs created by the project and only days after 0ver 1000 people from across the state, joined forces on Saturday 2nd August to voice their concerns on the steps of Parliament House.

Greens MLC Mark Parnell has been quoted as saying – ‘Rex should take the opportunity to go back to the drawing board and focus its search for minerals outside grain growing areas.’ (aap)

Spokesperson for Rex Minerals could not be contacted today at the time of posting this report.

Source: aap

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