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Police urge public to keep PIN safe


With the introduction of PIN-only credit card payment authorisation in Australia, police are reminding the community to keep their Personal Identification Number (PIN) safe.

From August 1 PINs became the main way for customers to authorise credit and debit card purchases, with signatures phased out on card payments.

In light of these changes, Police would like to remind the public of the importance of keeping your PIN private and to not record it anywhere near the card it relates to –  leaving your PIN near your card is like having all the money in your account in your wallet, and makes the job of a would-be thief very easy.

In addition to not recording your PIN near your card, below is a list of tips Police would like people to be aware of when using their card:

  • DON’T use ATM’s in dark or isolated areas
  • DON’T let anyone see you enter your PIN – Cover it with your hand, or wait until they leave
  • Memorize your PIN – Say it to yourself 100 times if you have to
  • Be aware of people nearby at the ATM- If you feel uncomfortable come back later
  • Don’t count your money at the ATM. Put it straight in your wallet or purse, and count it later.
  • If your card is lost or stolen, report it to your financial institution immediately












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