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Police camera data between Coonalpyn and KiKi released

SAPOL Point-to-point camera data released :-

South Australia Police today released figures from the first month of operation of point-to-point cameras on two stretches of highway.

The cameras, which operate on a 13km-long Dukes Hwy stretch between Coonalpyn and Kiki and over 51km of Port Wakefield Rd between Two Wells and Port Wakefield, were switched on on 14 July.

Today results were released for the first 31 days of operation showing that a total of 279 speeding offences have been recorded.

Of those 237 related to motorists traveling 10-19km over the limit, 30 were 20-29km over the limit and a dozen drivers were travelling at more than 30kph above the posted limit.

In addition 28 drivers were issued with fines for attempting to evade the cameras – with the expiation fee for taking other evasive action in relation to average speed offence being a $846 fine (plus $60 victims of crime levy).

Superintendent Bob Fauser, the officer in charge of Traffic Support Branch, said the figures were generally pleasing for police although the numbers were impacted by the fact one of the cameras on Port Wakefield has not been fully operational.

“Anecdotally we’re aware these numbers have been trending down since the cameras were installed and were turned on,” he said.

“While it is early days yet, these are positive signs and these figures reflect a positive road safety result for all road users.

“The message from SA Police continues to be a simple one – if you don’t want a fine in the post for speeding, then don’t speed.”

Source: SAPOL



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