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Red Cross 100 years old 1914-2014


Thelma Thomas honoured Red Cross at the Millicent Library

Red Cross was honoured on Tuesday 19th August with a tribute by Thelma Thomas, to mark the 100 year Centenary at a special history afternoon at the Millicent Library.

Thelma Thomas talked about the history of Red Cross and her mother Ruth Wilshire MBE who received her MBE for services to Red Cross; she also spoke about Millicent Red Cross and the fundraising that was carried out during WW2.

Red Cross has a long history in Millicent and surrounding districts and has been supported by members from the local community over the years.

The official Red Cross Cake Baking Day fundraiser is on Monday 25th August 2014.  Bake a cake to share and raise funds for Red Cross this Monday.

Australian Red Cross : The Power Of Humanity

Red Cross originated just days after the outbreak of WWI, the wife of the then Governor-General, Lady Helen Munro Ferguson founded Red Cross in Australia and transformed the ballroom of her residence, Melbourne’s Government House,  into Red Cross headquarters during the Great War.

Red Cross continues to help in crisis locally and globally and you can follow the Red Cross work in the Middle East conflict and other disaster relief prgrams on this site: http://www.redcross.org.au/gaza-and-israel-2014.aspx

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