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John Drew nominates for Corcoran Ward


John Drew

John Drew has announced his intention to re-nominate for Corcoran Ward in this year’s Council elections.  Cnr Drew was elected after a by-election in May 2013 following Cr Darren O’Halloran’s resignation.

John is the volunteer technician at 5THEFM and has been involved in many community organisations including the Lions Club where he is a life member, the Bowling club as President and Secretary, Chair of the Millicent Hospital Board for seven years, and Chair of the Regional Health Board for a similar time. His involvement in Health has extended to deputy Chair of the Country Health Board and other committees associated with health.

John joined council in 2013 following a casual vacancy for Corcoran Ward (Millicent and near District) and during that short time has been active in putting community views and doing whatever was necessary to ensure the right questions were asked and helpful comments made to guide Council directions. John is active in debate, raises issues with solutions. “I believe I’ve made a real priority to put community first. I’ve made a start, and now I want the opportunity to build on that” said John.

John sees a need to grow business and community confidence and opportunity. “We have a terrific place to live, great services and facilities but we can always make them better. We can’t be satisfied with just stopping the loss of Government Services; we need to be strong about improving them. It’s not good enough that government both State and Federal seem to ignore country people. Council must be more pro-active in making it clear that current government services are failing Country people. John is particularly concerned about recent cuts to our road funding by the Commonwealth and the cuts to Health and Family Services by the State.

“We need to think hard about how we might build our population with professional and entrepreneurial business people. Without job opportunities we can’t expect to regain lost services and for this we need to attract go ahead people to our district. We have the facilities and the climate, we can do it” he said.

John plans to do whatever he can to encourage Council to encourage businesses in as many ways as possible, including Business Incubators where a new business is given a ‘leg up’ to get started.

John has lived in Millicent for 34 years, moving here in January 1980 as Principal of the North School and later as Superintendent of Education for South East Schools and Kindergartens.

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