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Midwifery Clinic moves to weekly

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Midwife Anna Wilson and Dr James Bushell

A new stage in health care for pregnant women began in July 2014 with the launch of a fortnightly Midwifery  Clinic offered by the Medical Clinic Millicent.  Medical Clinic Senior Partner Dr James Bushell said in July, “We are excited about strengthening obstetric care in our community and the opportunity to partner with Midwife Anna Wilson in the new clinic will provide a convenient option for women in the region.”

Due to the success of the fortnightly Midwifery Clinic, which has seen Midwife Anna Wilson fully booked, the Midwifery Clinic will now move to weekly. Anna said her only cancellation was when one of the patient gave birth.

The Shared Care model provides new obstetric care options for pregnant women with un-complicated pregnancies; receiving their care from an Obstetrician/GP, and a Registered Midwife. It also means women can be seen more regularly.

Anna said that women have been very positive about the new clinic and bulk billing has certainly made it more available to women on a regular basis; to ask questions or get advice on any concerns they may have during their pregnancy with out cost being a factor.

“Women come from Millicent and many neighboring towns including Mt Gambier, Robe, Mr Burr, Beachport and Southend; we are providing more holistic care for our patients. Many are using related local services so it helps build relationships with in the health system locally and reduces travel and expense for the women.”

“I have a good relationship with both Millicent and Mt Gambier Hospitals and liaise with Community Midwives at Millicent, Robe and Kingston. I was very pleased that Millicent Hospital recently agreed to let us use a CTG equipment to monitor a baby’s heartbeat,  rather than send the patient to Mt Gambier.

” I am able to refer women to Mental Health services at the Clinic and at the Millicent Hospital, refer them to AC Care and in general we are incorporating many of the services pregnant women need here in their own community.”

Anna said she is really enjoying the Midwifery Clinic work and still intends to apply for her provider number to increase the services available. All Midwives can provide midwifery continuity of care, or work in private practice. In addition, an Eligible Midwife can order ultrasound scans and some pathology tests that may be required during pregnancy and early parenting, and can refer women and babies directly to medical practitioners. Anna’s additional qualifications will mean increased  services available to patients, at the Midwifery Clinic.

“I think some women like to have a woman to speak to during their pregnancy, as well as their doctor, and I enjoy this aspect of patient care too,” said Anna.

Senior Clinic Partner and GP Obstetrician Dr James Bushell said the feedback has all been excellent and women have been seen much more regularly and more often than if they all had to see him for all appointments. Any issues that arise can be dealt with much more quickly; he and the midwife liaise and if the woman needs an appointment with him it can be made through the midwife.

“The Midwifery Clinic has been very successful and we are really offering a more holistic care for our pregnant women; we can offer internal mental health care for them and link any women who may have post natal depression with this service. This allows us to get on top of things earlier which is a better outcome for all,” said Dr Bushell.

“We will be offering post-natal care now and we are very happy to be moving to a weekly Midwifery Clinic.”

Anna said the success of the Midwifery Clinic has been due to a combination of things including availability, locality and bulk billing, but the women still want to birth at Millicent Hospital with people they know and family and friends around them, she said.

Midwife Anna Wilson and Dr Bushell examine patient

Midwife Anna Wilson and Dr Bushell examine patient

Country Health SA closed Obstetric Services at the Millicent Hospital mid 2013.






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