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Martin Sullivan nominates for Corcoran Ward


Martin Sullivan with Rebekah Lowe in 5THE FM’s studio 1

Martin Sullivan has put his name forward for the Corcoran Ward in the coming Council Elections and had this to say today:-

‘I am passionate about Millicent. My family, the ‘Mc Courts have been here for over 100 years. I personally have been a local rate payer for the last 8 years.
I am very much a hands on, let’s get the job done person. I am putting my name forward because I truly believe it is the right thing to do. It is not just ‘to be on council’ but as an artist I believe I bring a solution that I sincerely believe will turn this town into an overwhelming success.
I am well-travelled and have seen the wonderful prosperity that art and culture can bring to a town.
Jamestown in South Australia for example is similar to Millicent and is a total success story, being vibrant with murals and art it now has few empty shops. The town now full of life and a place people can be proud of. This in turn attracts businesses and there are many ‘art town’s’ that share this same success story.
Millicent can be that success. Think of the youth being active in ‘community painting’ that provides a far better option then, dare I say ‘drugs’.
Art attracts tourists and those tourists spend money in our shops. Would it be better to be a forward thinking, vibrant, liberal minded ‘art-town’ with a unique identity.
With that, perhaps it is time to say ‘goodbye’ to the old school conservative town’ thinking and finally turn a page. Respectfully, can we say, enough of the empty shops, vacant houses, and numerous excuses that cover the facts .
I am now retired and have plenty of energy to ‘promote’ Millicent. In the last 2 years I have been a Wheelwright to the National Trust museum, have hosted a local art exhibition, have done numerous street comedy acts, created and then curator-ed almost full time for 6 months the ‘Art-Lounge’. I have painted street art, put together an art show at the Millicent showground, I’ve scripted, voiced and acted comedy for the Company of 7, played piano at numerous locations including Geltwood and the Rotary Photographic show. I am also a member of the Millicent Lions Club and have no connection with any political party.

It is my belief that we absolutely need this to happen. We need to show others how friendly and welcoming we are. We can start by applying to dress the town’s entrance roadways with art to bring in the tourists from our by-pass, place sculptures where we can, and encourage all forms of art and culture. This way we can then be seen and known as the friendliest and best ‘Art Town’ between Melbourne and Adelaide.
This offer’s a solution to so many problems, and sends a message to the Council Chamber that it is now time for some ‘artistic vision’ and ‘identity’, so if I am elected I intend to do my utmost drive the ‘art-town’ concept into a reality. Thank you.’

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