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Candidates for Wattle Range Council Elections announced


by S Lowe 5THEFM newsonline wattlerangenow

Interesting times are ahead with the forthcoming Wattle Range Council Elections. As nominations closed on Tuesday 16th September, Sorby Adams Ward and the Mayoral Office will not require a vote with Sorby Adams Ward’s two vacancies being filled by the two Councillors seeking re-election un-opposed and Peter Gandolfi the only nomination for Mayor. Corcoran, Kintore and Riddoch Wards will require a vote to determine who will be elected to council.

Wattle Range Council elections have attracted new interest with ten nominations for Corcoran Ward. Councillors seeking re-election are Gwenda Lawlor, Sharon Cox, Barry Stoddart, and John Drew who will face his first election by vote after being unopposed in his nomination to Corcoran Ward; after the resignation of former Councillor Darren O’Halloran mid-term, due to work commitments. Corcoran Ward has only five vacancies so it would appear that Corcoran Ward will be hotly contested with the addition of Millicent Businessman Dennis Muhovics, former Councillor and Director Development Services with Wattle Range Council Glenn Brown, Colin Pye, Martin Sullivan, Ron Buwalda and Steve Davies seeking election to council.

Kintore Ward has also attracted new interest in Deb Agnew, Kathleen Galvin and Kevin McGrath. Peter Duncliffe will seek re-election. Kintore Ward has two vacancies so it will require a vote to determine who is elected.

Riddoch Ward Councillors to seek re-election are Robert Thornett and Dean Burrows with newcomer Sharon Jackson seeking office. Riddoch Ward has 2 vacancies so a vote will be necessary.

Sorby Adams Ward councillors Robert Dycer (Deputy Mayor) and Dale Price, seek re-election to the two vacancies available.

Councillors Ben Treloar and Slim Reilly will not seek re-election this year.

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