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From stunt double in the mid-north to GP in Millicent

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Dr Sarah Willoughby

by S Lowe 5THE FM newsonline wattlerangenow

Dr Sarah Willoughly gave up life as a stunt double in the mid-north, to become a doctor. Keen viewers of the Australian television series McLeods Daughters may be surprised to learn Sarah is featured in the opening credits and throughout the series as a stunt double for characters Stevie,  Jasmine and Kate’s riding scenes.

Sarah’s love of horses began at a very young age. She ranked in the National 2004 Junior Speed Jumping Titles  held in Mt Gambier and the State Senior Speed Jumping during her 2nd year in Medical School; only stopping competition to concentrate on her Medical Studies.

She first came to the Medical Clinic Millicent as a medical student in 2010; she returned in 2012,  and again for 12 months as a GP Registrar in 2014. Sarah has now decided to make her home in Millicent and her professional base at the Medical Clinic Millicent, specializing in General Practice medicine.

Sarah is a country girl, born and raised in Keith and knows the area well.  It was the country life that attracted Sarah to Millicent and the opportunity to add another horse or two to her stable, since moving into her new home.

“Millicent has a good country aspect, it is a good horse area and has a good AG show,” she said referring to the Millicent Show where she intends to enter the show jumping event this year.

When we spoke to Sarah earlier in February she said her student days at the Clinic were quite tough, but good. Tough, because it is one-on-one with the doctor, she said,  and you have to really be on the ball; but it is a great opportunity to learn and each time she finished a term at the Clinic, she wanted to return.

“I am excited to be staying in Millicent, the patients are welcoming,  have a good approach to their health and work with you as a doctor; they are willing to discuss their health concerns with you as the doctor too.  They are used to the clinic being a training facility and are always keen to help.”

Sarah  intends to follow her interest in anaesthetics and is planning to begin 12 month anaesthetic training in 2016 and use these skills in her work at the Millicent Hospital as soon as she is qualified.

Sarah has travelled and worked overseas, including spending some time in Vietnam

Apart from show jumping, studying anaesthetics and settling into her new home, she has recently ‘discovered’ she will be an entrant in the next Beachport Triathalon, entered by fellow contestant Helene VanEeden.

As Sarah settles into country life in Millicent; the saying ‘you can take the girl from the country but you can’t take the country from the girl’ might just be true in the case of Dr Sarah Willoughby.



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