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Ballott draw for Council Elections

by S Lowe 5THE FM’s newsonline wattlerangenow

The Ballott Draw for Wattle Range Council elections have been released today and may change the outcome on the final day unless voters know their candidates and vote accordingly. All candidates will be featured on 5THE FM and on 5THE FM’s newsonline wattlerangenow in the coming weeks so stay up to date with all the Council election news on 5THE FM and on line with http://www.wattlerangenow.com.au.  Get to know the candidates wanting to represent you and your community.

Corcoran Ward:

  1. John Drew
  2. Colin Pye
  3. Dennis Muhovic
  4. Glenn Brown
  5. Gwenda Lawlor
  6. Ron Buwalda
  7. Steve Davies
  8. Barry Stoddart
  9. Sharon Cox
  10. Martin Sullivan

Kintore Ward:

  1.  Peter Duncliffe
  2. Kevin McGrath
  3. Deb Agnew
  4. Kathleen Galvin


Riddoch Ward:

  1.  Sharon Jackson
  2. Robert Thornett
  3. Dean Burrows

Sorby Adams Ward:

  1.  Dale Price
  2. Robert Dycer

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