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New GP’s arrive in Millicent

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Dr David Johnston

by S Lowe 5THE FM newsonline wattlerangenow

GP Registrar David Johnston joined the Medical Clinic Millicent last month (August) as part of his rural medical training after spending six months at Kapunda. Born in the United Kingdom, has settled in Australia with the medical profession firmly established in his family, with his sister and brother-in-law both doctors in the Adelaide suburbs.

David said he became a doctor because it covered most of the things he enjoys doing, which includes interacting with people and helping people in general.

” I always thought studying medicine would be interesting and I suppose I was influenced a little by my sister who was studying to be a doctor.”

David is training through the Sturt Fleurieu GP Training Program and intends to remain in general practice medicine.

“The Clinic staff has been welcoming and the patients are very accepting,” he said.

“I like Millicent, it is similar to Kapunda but just bigger.”

He is impressed with some of the regions attractions which he has found time to visit, including Beachport, Mayurra Station and Southend and is looking forward to visiting Mt Hotham and the Grampians.

“My parents live in Adelaide and have visited me in Millicent and loved it.”

“Millicent is well situated to visit so many areas, it is ideal,” he said.

David is contracted to the Medical Clinic for 6 months but is open to a longer stay.


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Dr Lourelei Sabio

Dr Lourelei Sabio formerly studied medicine in her homeland, the Phillipines; thought she would move to the United States to continue her medical career but after visiting Australia, decided to stay and joined the Medical Clinic Millicent in August. Doctor is a title she wears with pride and one her mother wanted so badly that when she realised medical training was financially prohibitive as a young girl, she decided on Entomology, which still earned her the title of doctor.

“My mother came to Brisbane to do her Masters in Entomology when I was a school student, so I did my High Schooling in Brisbane and knew I liked Australia. My father was an Agriculturalist but both of my parents are now retired and they have visited me in Australia several times.,” she said.

“I went to the United States to sit my exams but I decided against pursuing medicine in the United States because the training there is very intense. Many 24 hours shifts are followed with a work day of 12 hours and many Phillipine trained doctors decide to become nurses instead, due to the intensity of the training and the high level of legal actions in the United States.”

Arriving in Australia in 2008, she married  in 2009. Her husband is from the United States and works in Security in Adelaide.

Lourelei is now in her 1st year 1st term as a GP with Southern GP Training and Millicent is her first placement. She has worked in Port Lincoln in Aboriginal Health, as a Locum in Yatala Prison and several weeks at James Nash House, a secure psychiatric facility at Oakden in Adelaide. She said she was never afaraid to work on the prison as security is a priority and the inmates were mostly grateful to have a doctor visit. Her experience in Australia includes the Emergency Department at Lyall McEwin and Modbury Hospitals,  12 month Physican training at Lyall McEwin in 2012  and 12 month Locum duties in 2013. She has a special interest in Internal Medicine.

“In Australia you can become a Consultant more quickly and I am keen to achieve that goal as soon as I can.”

A keen sense of humour, a love of food and life in general are obvious qualities you notice when spending time with this doctor.

She has varied interests including acting in stage plays in high school, and played tennis and softball at National Competition level in the Phillipines.

Dr Sabio is contracted to the Medical Clinic for 6 months but would like to stay for a full year.

“I love the lifestyle here,” she said.




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