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GRANTassist available to community groups

Minister Susan Close, Minister for Manufacturing and Innovation, Minister for Automotive Transformation, Minister for Public Sector said today:-

‘A new single gateway to assist South Australians access support they need has been announced. A single gateway is now available to provide South Australian community groups, clubs and volunteer organisations with online access to information about State Government grants.

Public Sector Minister Susan Close said today GRANTassist already connects South Australian businesses to the broad range of funding and support services on offer from both State and federal governments.

“Often community groups really need support to achieve their aims but are daunted by the prospect of tracking down exactly what assistance can be provided,” Dr Close told Parliament.

“GRANTassist has now been extended to make that task easier by encompassing the wide variety of support provided to community, volunteer and sporting groups through one gateway.

“GRANTassist provides a simple online guide to what is available for community groups for a variety of purposes such as upgrades to sporting facilities and clubrooms.

“The web site also provides tips on navigating the application and assessment process.

“This important online resource is the result of government agencies working collaboratively to ensure they put the community at the heart of their work.

The community section is now available at http://www.grantassist.sa.gov.au

Dr Close said the expansion of the portal beyond business and industry grants is the result of a Change@SA 90-day change project.

“Through Simplify, the State Government’s red tape reduction initiative, community groups told us they were having trouble finding information on the various grants available,” she said.

“So we established a project team to solve the problem.

“Within 90 days, representatives from agencies that offer grants came together and looked at ways of making this information more accessible.”

Community stakeholders were consulted through the YourSAy website and their feedback helped to identify a solution.

To learn more about Change@SA 90-day change projects, visit http://change.sa.gov.au.’

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