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Letter to the editor from Glenn Brown

2014-09-03 11.29.03

Glenn Brown

Letter to Editor:-

‘Candidates for the upcoming Council Elections have been requested by the SE Times to respond to 4 questions, with the responses being printed to inform voters about nominees.

I have happily participated in this process and I am sure all nominees will do likewise although restricting answers to 100 words in challenging. The questions about tourism, health services and development of the rail yards are all important issues but there are many other issues that impact on our communities and will come before Council.

Issues like the maintenance our roads and buildings, the ever increasing range of services, the control expenditure and employee numbers and the need to restrict rate rises will need to be carefully considered by Council. Then there is the need to deal with the increasing requirements of legislation regarding occupational health and safety, environmental and liability issues and others.

Of course there is also the need to pursue economic development initiatives and attract and retain our population.

These can be complicated issues and I am looking forward to using my knowledge and experience, in Health, Housing, and Council, for the benefit of the community should I be fortunate enough to be elected to represent Corcoran ward at these elections.’

Glenn Brown

Nominee for Corcoran Ward.

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