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Mandatory training for new council

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Legislation for mandatory Council member training passes Parliament said Mr Geoff Brock in a press release this morning. Local Council members will be required to undergo mandatory training after next month’s local government elections following passage of legislation through State Parliament.

‘Local Government Minister, Geoff Brock said the legislation provided for mandatory training for members of local Councils, as well as strengthening the Oath of Office taken by councillors.

“The amendments to the Local Government Act 1999 enhance the significance of the elected members’ declaration on taking office, as well as ensuring councillors better understand and appreciate their roles and responsibilities,” Mr Brock said.

“These are simple but important measures which were recommended by the Ombudsman and have been the subject of extensive consultation.

“The Local Government Association has also specifically requested these measures be introduced in time for the start of the new local government term following next month’s Council elections.”

Local Government Association President, David O’Loughlin said Elected Members’ work was varied and often complex.

“Training which leads to better understanding of the role of an Elected Member, leads to good governance and a better outcome for communities,” Mayor O’Loughlin said.

“Councillors come from all walks of life to preside over budgets in the many millions of dollars, training to better prepare them for this work is welcome and the LGA fully supports this legislation.”

Mr Brock said voluntary voting in this year’s election requires votes to be received by 5pm on Friday week, November 7, with counting starting the following day.

“I strongly urge all eligible electors to make sure they get their postal votes in,” Mr Brock said.

“There’s been increased interest in this year’s election with a record number of nominations and the lowest number ever of candidates who have been elected unopposed.

“There’s also going to be 30 mayoral elections out of the 51 councils where electors directly elect the position of Mayor.

“As a former Mayor, I believe the more contests the better because they help to enliven community debate and participation in elections,” Mr Brock said.’


Press Release from Minister Geoff Brock

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  1. Geoff Brock is a “CLOWN”, no more needs to be said.

    Garry E.