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Dean Burrows re-nominates for Riddoch Ward

2014-10-29 13.52.44Dean Burrows – nominee for Riddoch Ward


Dean Burrows has nominated for a position for Riddoch ward after serving previous years  and was interviewed by Rebekah on 5THE FM and Dean said:

‘Achievements by an individual councilor are limited to the ideas and proposals one is able to convince the whole council to adopt. I have contributed many ideas to the council, on behalf of the Penola community, in the form of “ A Notice of Motion”, some successful, many not. However, I have advocated for better footpaths in Penola and we now have an excellent and attractive footpath and seating in front of Penola’s IGA, nonslip pavers in the main street and improved footpaths from Darwent street, to the Green Rise Lake and the footpath in front of the Memorial Park has now been completed..

The Penola Swimming Pool filtration system is being thoroughly reconditioned. During this process cores had to be cut through the pool shell and I was encouraged to find that the concrete shell was still in excellent condition and it should last for another 50 years and more. When this work is completed we will have a swimming pool in excellent condition and should not need any major maintenance for many years to come.

Another way I contribute to the proper maintenance of the district is by writing letters to the CEO outlining resident’s request and problems. Simply, being a voice for the residents who sometimes don’t believe that the Council will listen them to as an individual.

However, individuals should feel confident to make requests to the Council as there is an excellent system in place to ensure that all requests and complaints are dealt with efficiently

I have enjoyed the challenges of representing the people in the Riddoch Ward and I want to see continual improvements to the district’s way of life and amenities.

I started my working life as and Engineering Pattern Maker with Horwood Bagshaw Farm Machinery Company. It was an extremely interesting place to work and I was involved in making patterns for ploughs, harvesters and caterpillar tractors. I still have a lot of respect for caterpillar machinery as I recall how particular they were about the quality of their products. It was a large factory and I was able to see and learn about many trades and was able to work with people who had recently come to Australia as migrants after the 2nd world war.

I began night school while an apprentice and continued studying part time for many years and eventually secured a position with the former District Council of Penola.

I have been involved with the Penola Lions Club for many years and have been involved with nearly all the Lions projects. One of the biggest projects I was involved with was the watering and maintenance of the Lions Avenue of trees on the Northern entrance to Penola. The former Mayor of Penola Ian March was passionate about this avenue of trees and every year we would regularly water the trees during the summer. It was a struggle to get the trees established as we had to contend with people mowing over the, driving over them and many infestations of snails.

I am also involved with the Penola Anglican Parish as a pastoral assistant and have been chairperson for the Penola Chaplaincy support group for a number of years.

As part of my WRC role, I am also on a number of community committees, such as the Library Board, Greenrise Committee and have met with the Vigneron’s and Grape grower’s Committee on a number of occasions.

Completion of stages one and two of the Penola Bypass is imperative, so that this long running saga is finalized.

Good signage at each entrance to Penola is important to encourage visitors to turn off the bypass and travel into Penola to see what a unique place our town is and what it has to offer. In fact, if visitor numbers can be increased this will be a huge bonus, especially with the removal of large trucks from our main street.

Council will need to consider the financial impact on the town’s businesses, who currently rely on the trucks stopping for fuel, food etc.

I hope to see funding secured for the completion of the bypass, so that we have a full bypass and not just half a bypass.

I will continue to push for attractive landscaping along the bypass corridor.

I will also continue to listen to the residents and advocate on behalf of them, so that I truly can represent them on the Wattle Range Council.’

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