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Peter Duncliffe nominates for Kintore Ward

2014-10-25 20.56.49

Nominee for Kintore Ward Peter Duncliffe and 5THE FM Rebekah Lowe

Formerly a Corcoran Ward Councillor, Peter Duncliffe has nominated for the Kintore Ward in the coming elections, saying, he has recently bought a business in Beachport and feels that he will be in touch with the Kintore people on a daily basis and he’ll be readily available to the residents to hear their concerns.

He plans to help keep council spending to necessary projects, encourage sporting clubs to apply for any benefits available, will represent the LGA on the Marine Parks committee and keep the no-go zones to a fraction of what government originally wanted and encourage local community groups to go ahead with projects to gain council support.

‘I moved to Millicent in 1978 and spent 30 years at KCA. Council and my business take up most of my time now days but I have been actively involved in coaching and administration of junior and senior sports for many years.

Maintaining the population will be difficult due to the downturn in employment opportunities, so we must make it attractive for industry to invest in our area. Maintaining infrastructure is always a major part of planning and budgets so a forward plan needs to be adhered to.

A challenge also will be to utilise the assets we have, such as newly developed sewerage system in Beachport which should attract development not possible previously.

Council needs to continue its program of determining which of its offload to keep costs to a necessary level.

I will be readily available to residents of the Kintore Ward for them to ask me questions or assist them with problems.

I am dedicated to make sure we maintain the unique benefits we have in this area with our fishing, boating and off road driving activities.

I have a passion for this type of lifestyle and will fight on behalf of residents to maintain and improve these activities.

My experience in the two terms I have served, is valuable to understand how council  works and how to get the best results for ratepayers.



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