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Rob Thornett nominates for Riddoch Ward

2014-10-27 18.18.20

Nominee for Riddoch Ward Rob Thornett


Rob Thornett has served one term on Wattle Range Council in the Riddoch Ward and seeks re-election this year. Mr Thornett said this week on 5 THE FM the first four years he was on council had helped heal some of the rifts between the Wattle Range Council and Penola that had been evident when he first came onto council. he said that there had been an obvious hostile reception to those serving on Riddoch Ward and the lessening of that was a welcome relief. He said he did not always have the same view as fellow Riddoch councilor Dean Burrows, but they always talked through the issues and always kept the residents in the forefront of their decisions.

‘I want to thank council staff for making these changes possible on a day to day basis.’

‘During my time in council I have achieved several things although sometimes I wonder how many. This opportunity to speak to 5THE FM allowed me to think back over my time in council and now the footpaths in Penola are a lot safer, we have introduced the one way system by the Primary School, the Penola By-Pass 1st stage even though it was a bug-bear to many, I think we have accepted that we are going to have it and it’s a done deal. In the beginning we though it was hoisted up on us; the land owners and many residents were not happy but be done but the writing is on the wall..’

‘Funding is always a problem for council but we need to watch the financials. I have spent many hours in the Penola Library speaking to people and finding out their concerns.’

‘I was born in Yass in NSW, spent my youth on the Manly Beach in Sydney. It was a great life. I went to University, travelled overseas and taught in Malaysia, London and in Sydney and Balmain. Because of my wife’s connections to the South East we moved here when my daughter was born in 1993.’

I have been involved in stage plays, am known for my sense of humour, my colourful socks, am a CFS member and was actively involved in the clean up after the Penola Tornado. One of my greatest memories of that time is the opening of the Penola Bowling Club, when it was re-built, after being demolished by the Tornado.’

During the past 4 years in council I have been aware of issues that need to be addressed including the Millicent Medical problems with the loss of services at the hospital and lobbying needs to continue for the Millicent and Penola Hospitals. We need to find a way to attract people and keep people in the area. We need to be aware of the infrastructure; and the NBN is important to attracting people to the region.’

‘I will listen to people if I am elected to council, continue to advocate for them, take advice and even though we may not always agree, we can usually work through issues and I think that is very important.’

‘Being on council is not easy but it’s not unpleasant either and most people are good willed, I enjoy it.’


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