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Deb Agnew nominates for the Kintore Ward

Deb Agnew runs for council:

Local woman, sporting enthusiast and health worker Deb Agnew has decided to nominate for a position on Kintore Ward in the coming Wattle Range Council election. Deb said on 5THE FM this week, her reasons are her interest in community, she likes people and is concerned about the environment. She is a local, married to husband Chris, has 4 children, a farm between Mt Burr and Kalangadoo, works with the CFS, Community Builders and local schools.

‘I have a long history of supporting community, coaching sport and playing sport, so I have been involved in the sporting communities in the region for many years.’

‘My last job was a contract position working with OPAL in health, finding ways to fight obesity through behavioral changes; looking at what we eat and how we exercise.’

‘My background in education and sport has helped me develop a vast range of skills, good communication skills, becoming a team player and a good networker.’

‘I have coached football and netball, served on sporting bodies committees, and has president.’

‘Sport teaches a positive attitude, teaches people to get on with each other, and created good physical health, and to volunteer is a good thing in the community.’

‘As far as council issues go, you could ask 100 people the same questions and get many different answers so if I am elected I will see what they are and as i am a person who makes good on my word, I’ll listen and find out what the issues are if I am elected.’

‘ One obvious issue is the health situation. If a community doesn’t have good health, it affects it adversely mentally, physically and emotionally. Health is also related to the economy. A person who has had a health issue cannot be expected to immediately go to work. They need social engagement first, to feel good about themselves before going to work.’

‘I have a history of making things happen, I have considerable networks, I listen to people and have experience in all of these areas.’

‘Overall I want to be part of a vibrant community.’

‘Everyone should vote, it is the democratic right of everyone to vote. People should not complain if they don’t vote. It is important to vote in your local government elections.’


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