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Dennis Muhovics nominates for Corcoran Ward

2014-09-04 13.19.10

Dennis Muhovics Corcoran Ward nominee


Dennis Muhovics has nominated for the Corcocran Ward in the Wattle Range Council elections for the first time; saying on 5 THE FM this week, his ability to get on with others and communicate with residents and his willingness to work with the other councillors will contribute to a good and effect council well into the future. A local businessman and sporting identity he brings a large degree of community to the role he hopes to fill.

‘I have lived in Millicent for 44 years and been married to wife Pat for 41 years, I have two children and six grandchildren. I have been in business for 33 years and employ 10 people. I am a local you might say.’

‘I have a good business background which will help in working in council. My business partner and I both came from an industrial background and we saw the opportunity to have our own business which has been successful.’

Dennis has been involved with Mid SE football for 20 years and served as President, Vice President and committee member.  He is a League Life Member, a  past pres 8 years, was awarded the SA Merit Award SA National Football League.

‘It has been very enjoyable and I am honoured to be recognised this way.’

‘I have been involved with boys and girls sport for many years and I enjoy the whole sporting community and seeing young ones go through the sporting clubs is very rewarding. I enjoy the whole community involvement.

‘I am used to working with large numbers of people with over 600 footballers and 600 netballers playing sport each weekend; any issues can be worked through by actively negotiating through them.   I do talk to people but to listen is important too.’

‘The Mid SE is becoming a much stronger league; we lost one side and that leaves an opening for another team to join but we wouldn’t want to do that at the detriment of others.’

‘The Western Border has had issues but the Mid SE has become more stable with good management.’

‘I am seeking election because I am not sure funds are being spent the best way; people who speak to me are worried about high rates and when people at Beachport have had to sell their property because of it, I want to look at this.’

‘I think that the way money is being spent is an issue and I just have to ask the question if it is being done effectively?’

‘Issues I am concerned about, is as I said,  rates are high on my agenda because it impacts people’s lives.’

‘People need quality services for their dollar and I think there is a lot we can do better.’

‘I think we need to upgrade sporting facilities, we need to attract people to the area and we need to attract kids to sport.’

‘Our Health Services are a concern, while CHSA controls our hospital and services we are at the end of the line and the system runs the services’

‘I’d like to see the drain flow all summer and I reckon I can fix that…… with a pump!’

‘The lovely entrance to Millicent is spoilt, by the shopping carts etc in the drain, it needs attention.’

‘I am also concerned about single issue candidates. That can be disruptive.’

‘We can work with people generally and working with others means a better functioning council well into the future and a better stability overall.’


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