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Glenn Brown nominates for Corcoran Ward

2014-09-03 11.29.03

Glenn Brown nominates for Corcoran Ward

Glenn Brown has nominated for the Corcoran Ward in the Wattle Range Council elections. A former Wattle Range Councillor and recently retired from the position of Director of Development Service with the Council, he brings a wealth of information and knowledge to the position.

Glenn moved to Millicent 26 years ago with his family to manage the Millicent Hospital during which time he successfully sought the funding to build the first stage of Sheoak Lodge, which he said on 5THE FM this week was a very rewarding 10 years.

‘ My reasons for nominating for council goes along way back to always being interested in community, its progress and development and I enjoy having an influence on that happening.’

‘I then took up the position at Mt Gambier Hospital in Community Health Services which became the SE Community Health Services and did several stints managing the Mt Gambier Hospital. I then became Regional General Manager which  meant I had the responsibility of 6 hospitals across the South East. That all took place over about 20 years.’

‘I then became Regional Manager of the Housing Trust over about 6 years.’

‘I then joined the Wattle Range Council as Communications manager and then moved into the role of Director of Development Services.’

‘I have a background in community services so this was a very rewarding time. I have always wanted to make sure country people are not disadvantaged.’

‘I have been involved with Lions for 24 years and served as President, Secretary and Treasurer. I have volunteered with AC Care, have served on the Board of Community Care working with the homeless and crisis care. Just recently I have taken on managing the Community Garden in Millicent.’

‘The council has had many and varied issues over the past 4 years. Economic Development continues to be an issue, we need to increase our employment base which is difficult with the employment downturn. We need to have good schools to attract families and also make sure that our local trades people and local businesses benefit from the Chinese Development at the Snuggery.’

‘The council has a challenge to maintain the 1900k of roads, the 10 community halls and toilets in surrounding communities. There is an ever increasing burden by State government to do more and people have their limits as to how much they can pay in rates. Council needs to prioritise expenditure but not overburden residents.’

‘As a counsellor for 2 years and working with council for 6 years as Director of Development Services, working with sporting groups, my background in health and hospital makes me very aware of  the players and processes from both sides and I can best advise council on a whole range of issues, helping in reasonable not negligible decision making.’




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