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Martin Sullivan nominates for Corcoran Ward

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Martin Sullivan nominates for Corcoran Ward

World traveller, wheelrite and artist, Martin Sullivan has put his hand up for a position on Corcoran Ward on Wattle Range Council in the coming elections. With his usual flair and enthusiasm, Martin believes he can make a difference if given the chance serve as a councillor he said on 5THE FM this week.

Family connects Martin to the region through his mother who is a descendent of the McCourt family. Even though he has lived abroad for most of his life he has always felt a connection to the South East after a family visit some years ago in 1973. He returned to make Millicent home 2 years ago and opened an Art Farm on his property  His interest in Art progressed to opening an Art Lounge at the Visitor Information Centre in Millicent for a period of 6 months. Locals and tourists were enthralled with the concept.

Growing up in England, he says he has had a tapestry of experiences including 6 years in USA, home renovating; he is a carpenter, a wheelrite, has spent time in the Army, worked in Christian communities with homeless and drug dependent people and now is a keen artist, pianist and is enjoying working in the local drama group the Company of 7.

‘I am concerned about the issues surrounding Millicent and believe that I can help. I envisage this town with sculptures and murals being a real attraction to tourists.’

‘ The local Medical situation is a concern to me and more must be done about the loss of services.’

‘I see the Arts being a way of keeping youth interested in things other than drugs and using their skills to make the town more attractive and build pride in their surroundings.’

‘I am dyslexic and 2 years ago I discovered painting and it has opened up a whole new world of expression for me and I want that world to open up to people here, especially the youth. They can be involved painting murals which will be on constant display throughout the town and be an amazing attraction to tourists.

‘Passion is the key and I have passion for this project and Millicent.’

‘I have been overwhelmed by the support of the Millicent Business Community Association (MBCA) and local businesses too for this project. The community needs new ideas to inspire interest in the region and I know a mural walk will help do this.’








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