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Still time to lodge your vote by 5 pm today


WR Returning Officer Cathy Bell

by S Lowe 5THE FM newsonline wattlerangenow

Wattle Range Council returning officer Cathy Bell said today, residents still have time to vote for their choice of candidates in the Wattle Range Council elections. Ballots can be lodged at your nearest council office before 5 pm today (Friday) and your vote will still be included in the count. It is too late to post your vote today.

The votes will be counted tomorrow, Saturday 8th,  and the results of Kintore and Riddoch are expected to be known by Saturday evening. Corcoran Ward 1st preference votes will be counted and then sent to Adelaide for final counting of the preference votes. Corcoran Ward results may not be known until Sunday morning.

Historically the 1st preference vote top four candidates are successful in a position on council with the 5th and 6th vying for the fifth position; but nothing is certain in an election and we will all have to wait and see who will be making the decisions for the next four years.

Reminder: if you are part of the 58% (approximately) who has not voted, you can still vote today, but you must take your vote to the nearest council office and not post it.

For an update on the candidates, profiles have been posted on wattlerangenow.com.au over the past few days and are available to help you make your decision.


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