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Local identity will be featured on ABC this Sunday


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Local Identity Noel Boyle

by S Lowe 5THE FM newsonline wattlerangenow

Local identity Noel Boyle will be a special guest on ABC radio on Sunday morning at 5 am, sharing his thoughts and ideas about Millicent in general, the amazing Lake McIntyre and the local  radio station 5THE FM.

The criteria, he said laughingly;  they wanted a person who was old, a local and talked a lot!

“Someone obviously though I qualified.”

Noel said today he will be part of a special segment broadcast weekly about a town, somewhere, and this week the program will feature Millicent and as a well know historian, who better than Noel Boyle to share the past, present and future of Millicent.

In the lead up to the program Noel was contacted by the producer of the program and was impressed with the research that had been put into the preparation for the program.

He will be talking about his career of 46 years with Australia Post, KCA employment, Geltwood Festival, hitch hiking through Ireland, how he came to marry his English pen friend, and what he thinks of Millicent.

Noel said he was surprised how much they knew about the area including asking him if Millicent was the home of a national award winning radio station. He said he happily told them about the successes of 5THE FM and hopes this will be included in the program on Sunday morning.

5THE FM was awarded Most Outstanding Small Station in Australia 2012, with an overall total of 6 finalist positions in the last three years National Awards. This coming Saturday night the 2014 winners will be announced at the National Conference in Adelaide. 5THE FM is a finalist in two categories of the CBAA awards this year.



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