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Murals for Millicent

by Martin Sullivan for 5THE FM wattlerangenow

Murals for Millicent had their second meet and greet on Saturday with many new faces coming through the door. Street artists and traditional painters were made most welcome with much attention being given to the wonderful works that were already on display. Having reached and exceeded the expectation of 8 Murals the group will now be aiming for about 12 works of art to be displayed at the Millicent Showground on the 6th November with live artists painting yet more artworks to help promote our town.

Martin says “The wonderful thing about this project is that the murals are to be shown almost continuously so the town’s visitors will not leave disappointed, and hopefully will tell their friends to visit us as well. Its great to be part of a project where the benefits go on to inspire and generate good local feeling and offer us real hope for the future”.
As a group, we can’t thank the artists enough for their help and may it continue till Millicent shines like the star it truly deserves to be.


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