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Remembrance Day





Prime Minister Tony Abbott said today 11 November 2014

‘This Remembrance Day marks 96 years since the guns fell silent at the end of the Great War.
The Great War was the crucible in which our nation’s identity was forged.
From a population of under five million; 417,000 enlisted, 332,000 served overseas, 152,000 were wounded and 61,000 never came home.
It was sacrifice on a stupendous scale.
After the Armistice, we vowed never to forget and today, we renew that vow.
At 11:00am, wherever we are, Australians will fall silent.
We pause to remember the suffering and loss that has occurred in all wars, for we are a country of memory, as well as memorials.
Today, we will remember the courage, achievements, pain and loss of all who have served in our name.
And we draw strength from their memory.
Lest we forget.’

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