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Liberal fracking Inquiry welcome and appropriate


The Conservation Council of SA said today:-

The state’s peak environment body has strongly welcomed the move by the Liberal Party for a Parliamentary Inquiry into the safety of fracking and shale gas in the state’s South East.

“The overblown reaction from Minister Koutsantonis and the mining industry to this inquiry is baffling,” said Conservation SA Chief Executive Craig Wilkins.

“If this industry is as safe and supported as they claim, this inquiry will only assist their cause. Surely they would welcome a chance to put their facts and arguments on the public record?

“The level of faux outrage against the Liberal Party for simply following through on an election commitment is just bizarre.

“There is clearly a robust community debate going on in the South East about the safety of fracking.

“We are talking about some of the most valuable land and groundwater in the state. It’s essential that we make sure that any development will not cause significant long-term harm.

“Troy Bell and his Liberal colleagues should be congratulated for providing an opportunity for the concerns of the South East community to be heard, ” he said.

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