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Lake McIntyre News with Noel Boyle

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Noel Boyle

Noel Boyle was a guest on 5 THE FM Friday with Rebekah with the latest news on Lake McIntyre and the SE History Group. Noel, was a guest on the ABC last Sunday morning and the link to that interview is at the end of this report.
“Let’s get the bad news out of the way first. Some low life forced opened the doors to gain access to the batteries. On one BBQ they had trouble forcing the door so they jemmied the frame in an effort to open one. As it was concreted in they had to use a great deal of force. This resulted in complete wrecking of the frame and in doing so, caused the tiles around the BBQ to fall off and smash. They didn’t steal the gas bottles just the batteries.
But let’s go on to the good things that are happening.”
Bird Hides
“The committee is very excited to have this large project completed. We had brush screens around the actual bird hides for some time now but they were falling into a dilapidated condition. We were able to obtain the help of some keen workers in a programme run by Max Employment service. This crew have been working at the museum and there is a testament to their commitment. They dismantled the old screens and replaced them with treated pine. The screens are higher than the previous ones making it harder for the birds to be startled by our appearance as we are out of their line of vision. There was an extra wing erected which has been well received by the bird watches.
The second bird hide – as soon as you approached the footpath the birds became a little flighty, so the front wing on the approach has been built higher and is working well. The crew from Max Employment are starting to update the older table and seats around the lake replacing broken and warped timber, sanding them down ready for painting. The committee have been very impressed with the dedication the crew have put into these projects.”
“We have had a number of swarms of bees out at the lake recently one which was reported to us by visitors. We have placed phone numbers on the BBQ’s and in other parts of the Lake especially for times like this so it is good to see the system works.”
Millicent lions Club
The lions club had a very successful working bee at the lake the other month. It is great just to see them go into action. They seem to organize a large group of men and short notice and just get ‘stuck’ into it. At the last working bee a year or so ago they put up a hand rail on the boardwalk. This time they came back to place palings on the hand rail just to make it a bit safer for the young and old. The whole board walk looks very impressive now. The committee keeps asking people what they want, or how can it benefit the wildlife rather than just the committee’s suggestion. Several months ago members of the committee were taking a tour around the lake and one elderly gentleman suggested a seat up on one of the lookouts. I suppose had an excuse because he had recently had a pace maker fitted. Any way we thought it was a good idea as it was out of the way. Any way the Lions Club placed two seats on the main look out and I have noticed they are being used which is good.
Visitors to the lake
The Lake McIntyre committee often receive compliments on the lake and its surrounds-but just recently friends of ours were visiting Townsville and at a wetland met 7 people bird watching-they had a chat and told them they were from Millicent in South Australia and as soon as they mentioned Millicent 5 of them exclaimed ‘Lake McIntyre’. Whilst out working at the lake last week a couple from Adelaide approached me and said they remembered me from a few years ago at the Lake-They had relations with them from England visiting and said lake McIntyre was a MUST before they left for Sydney-so they spent a night in our town.
School Children
Tantanoola school and kindy children visited the lake a couple of weeks ago to do a water survey for Water week.
Seniors week
Saw 45 people turn up for a BBQ cooked and provided by the Lions Club and some of the committee took a few for a walk around the lake.
We still have quite a few Freckled Duck, Great Crested Grebes, a Sacred Kingfisher, Red Kneed Dotterel, some of these birds need an edge and even though the water level is still quite high-some of the shorebirds are coming back-not many Snipe this year though.

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