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Pastor and Mrs Tzanakis welcome their new son this morning

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by S Lowe 5THE FM newsonlinewattlerangenow

Pastor Arthur and Mrs Nita Tzanakis, are thrilled to announce the safe arrival of  their son, Steven Arthur 7lb 15 oz, this morning, Monday 17th November with mother and baby both well.

Pastor Tzanakis said this morning shortly after his son’s arrival, “It is such a wonderful day.”

Pastor Tzanakis journey into ministry began in Adelaide in 1998 at Bible College SA where he studied for 4 years and then at Burleigh Baptist College in Unley. He spent 6 years with West Care Mission working with the homeless. This was followed by 3 ½ years in Port Pirie

He said, “Then I went to Phnom Penh Cambodia for 2 years. I went kicking and screaming, but God called me,  so I went. I worked with the pastors and the people there and God blessed me with a lovely wife, Nita. We were married in Adelaide and we accepted the call to Millicent Baptist Church in October 2013..”

Millicent has been described by pastors before him as a ‘tough gig’ but not to be deterred, Pastor Tzanakis has embraced the community of Millicent and surrounding districts, as they have, him and his wife.

He talks the talk and walks the walk, initiating a service at the Baptist Church soon after his arrival in Millicent, to welcome back and say sorry to those who had been hurt by the church; hand delivering many of the invitations.

Their desire to have and bring up a family in Millicent was realised earlier this year with the discovery that they were expecting their first child; news that was received by them and their new church family with great joy and described as a ‘blessing’ by the parents to be.

Pastor and Mrs Tzanakis spoke with us on Thursday, last week. The arrival of their much anticipated baby had become a stressful and upsetting time in the later stages.

They hastened to add that their care from the Medical Clinic Millicent and Dr James Bushell in particular  had been excellent through out the pregnancy, but with the news that their baby was in a breech position and a caesarean would be necessary, they soon realised that this could not take place at the Millicent Hospital because Obstetrics were no longer available, since the closure of the service in the middle of last year.

They set about organising the delivery at the Mt Gambier Hospital and it was this process that caused the stress they were feeling when they spoke to us. They said they had just spent a week of phone calls and visits to Mt Gambier Hospital trying to arrange a delivery date.

“My wife was booked in for delivery for November 10th, it was then changed to the Friday 14th and then finally the Monday 17th. Through out this week we were told we had to fill out paperwork, and then by another person we did not. We travelled to Mt Gambier before 9am  on Wednesday 13th to complete the paperwork and the attitude of staff was very upsetting. I was told to follow the staff member to fill out forms; my wife was told – ‘I don’t know where we can put you, just sit there – and she was put in a little side room alone.”

“I think the most upsetting thing, when I complained,  was being told by a staff member – you better get used to it – or get your air pilots licence.” Although meant as a quip, did not reassure the couple whose concerns only deepened.

We spoke with the Mt Gambier Hospital on Thursday and a spokesperson assured us that Mrs Tzanakis was booked in to deliver Monday 17th; the change of date had been caused by the doctor being away and any upset caused to the couple was regrettable. They offered support for Pastor and Mrs Tzanakis by making a doctor or midwife available to speak to them and said if they any concerns to immediately call the hospital or come straight in.

Pastor Tzanakis said their situation highlighted the stresses on new parents since the closure of Obstetric Services at the Millicent Hospital.








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