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World Day of Remembrance honoured in Wattle Range

by S Lowe 5THE FM newsonline wattlerangenow

World Day of Remembrance 5th annual service was held in Millicent on Sunday 16th November with families affected by the trauma and tragedy of road accidents and representatives from the Police, SA Ambulance and SES attending.

Words are powerful and listening to the message given by the celebrant and hearing the words grief, empty place, heart, loss, life changing, death, injury, love, time, every day, tragedy, hurt, impacting, devastating and life affecting were fiting; these are the result of road accidents.

Some are accidents, but many are bad decisions and cause unbelievable trauma for families, essential services, doctors, nurses and everyone connected with the event.

On the third Sunday of November every year, people around the world gather to remember their loved ones and hope beyond hope that it doesn’t happen again and such trauma can be avoided for others.

The Wattle Range Road Safety Group constantly work to establish programs to prevent road accidents and further trauma.

The memorial stands in Centennial Park, the metal leaves are built so that they move slightly in the breeze as a living leaf would; the ripples in the metal representing the ripple effect road trauma has on families, friends and communities. The words and phrases inspired by students of the Millicent High School carry a message of reminder to all of the impact of road trauma.

Family members were invited to write a message to the loved ones they have lost and tie it to the memorial with a flower.

Allan Webster provided a musical tribute with ‘Will you know me in Heaven’ and ‘One day at a time.’

The Driver Reviver van served tea and coffee and afternoon tea.





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